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    I'm struggling with what software or tool to use to show results

    Just had a demo of Places Scout which looks pretty cool. Seems to do alot. Is Places Scout all i need? Or would i need anything else? Just to echo the OPs original question ....
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    How to Sell Local SEO?

    Hi everyone, Thanks so much for everyone's responses. Definitely agree about conversions/leads. I do that every day with forms and call tracking. The hard part is what do you do with local bricks and mortar stores? Yes, for services you can still do the form/call lead gen, but what about the...
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    How to Sell Local SEO?

    Hi everyone, Just to preface the question, I've been doing SEO and various bits of digital marketing for almost as long as Google's been around. However, recently decided to launch a new business where the focus is on local marketing, and so I see local SEO as a natural fit. As it's a bit...
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    Company GMB listing has been claimed by a third party

    We helped a client with this exact issue. Basically went through the exact steps as what Joy says here, the only exception is we got the phone call option. Which saved us 2 weeks of waiting on pins and needles :)