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    Emails from Google "Unpublished Google My Business listings about to be deleted" - Don't Panic!

    Google is sending out emails that warn you that your "Unpublished Business Profiles will be deleted in 30 days." Don't panic - these listings that you may have created but never published. Most of the time, you'll notice that the email came to a different Gmail address than the one that "owns"...
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    Local links vs general good quality back links?

    I think the consideration I give them differs based on what the client needs. If most of their links are good ones, but on national/non-local sites - then a local link with DA-10 is much more valuable to me to help convey local relevance & prominence. I NEVER look at DA with local linkbuilding...
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    "On These Lists" Showing in Google Maps

    I think on mobile the labels are explanatory and it's not as weird, on a desktop to just inject a link that doesn't really or convey that it contains information that would help someone choose a coffee shop seems so odd. @Dave DiGregorio pointed out that the article does have a brand mention...
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    New Citations

    My $.02 - if you have everything you can get from those 2 resources, it’s time to stop worrying about it - you’ve done enough. Citations beyond tier 1 & 2 have a diminishing return. I’d work on local links/PR, content, UX - just about anything else will be more worth your time!
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    LocalU Advanced - Atlanta, GA March 25, 2019

    Hey Everyone! The Agenda is live! Ticket pricing will remain $599 until midnight tonight - super small window to see the amazing agenda AND get pre-agenda pricing! Hope to see you there!
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    LocalU Advanced - Atlanta, GA March 25, 2019

    Hi @Jeffrey & @Rich Owings We are still working on the agenda - but we do have plans to ask at least 2 speakers to present some original research. Our goal with this event is to really dig deep into tips, tactics, and strategies within GMB - so that even those that have a pretty good working...
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    Agency recommendations wanted

    Meh - he's one guy and works by referral - its probably low priority on a 2-page site :)
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    Agency recommendations wanted

    I recommend John Ellis at
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    LocalU Advanced - Atlanta, GA March 25, 2019

    FYI - we just added the venue to our pages/marketing! LocalU Advanced Google MyBusiness Master Class will be at Loudermilk Conference Center on 3/25/20. It's about a 5-minute walk from CallRail offices in downtown Atlanta - that's where networking will be on Tuesday eve (3/24/20!) We're...
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    OMG. Could this be the reason behind some missing reviews?

    Nannylist strikes again! Dangit!
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    LocalU Advanced - Atlanta, GA March 25, 2019

    Hi @MonicaH @Niki Gross Attached is a PDF of our Denver agenda. Keep in mind, the Atlanta event will be 100% Google My Business Master Class - so some of the topics from Denver will NOT come up at Atlanta. ALL of the content in Atlanta will be different - we do not overlap from event to...
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    LocalU Advanced - Atlanta, GA March 25, 2019

    Hi All - Carrie here from LocalU. The pre-agenda pricing is just that - a deep discount to incentivize early sales and to give people that trust and love LocalU content a deep discount. When the agenda publishes on 1/6/20, the pricing goes up $100 to $699 per person for single ticket sales...
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    PE Educator award

    Congrats - Extremely Well Deserved!!
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    Where is This Knowledge Panel Sourced From?

    I guess I'll go change it since there's no source that I can change. So weird.
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    Where is This Knowledge Panel Sourced From?

    I have no idea :) that's why Joy posted it haha