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    Malicious Google My Business Edits

    Yes I have been noticing this as well. The most recent auto approved edit was for Law Book Store lol.
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    How to Build the Perfect Legal Industry Listing on Google, Avvo, and Other Platforms

    An Avvo listing won’t help with SEO and with their recent acquisition, it makes me wonder how they will further monetize it in the future. That being said Avvo has a place especially when it comes to share of search or barnacle SEO. If Avvo is ranking where your clients are looking...
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    An Interview with Marie Haynes: Saving Sites and the Future of Link Building

    I think over time we will see a decline in link value from less niche relevant or geographic relevant sources. That being said I have not worked in a super competitive niche where link building did not help to overtake top positions. It may not be the only way to reach the top, but it does work.
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    Click Test Study on The Local Finder // How Users Decide Where to Click

    Well if the reviews aren't there I'm not sure it's going to have much of an impact :) I would really look at the results in the geographic area and judge on a case by case basis.
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    Click Test Study on The Local Finder // How Users Decide Where to Click

    Have you been wondering where the clicks from the local finder are going once a user gets there? Are they clicking on your business because you're number one or because you have the most reviews? Check out this new post I wrote titled "The Local Finder: Where Are Searchers Clicking?" and review...
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    Can You Rank in the 3-Pack with a Manual or Penguin Penalty?

    This is really interesting. Looks like I'll have to dive deeper.
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    Can You Rank in the 3-Pack with a Manual or Penguin Penalty?

    Joy, I've had a similar experience. In one case I had a client with a manual penalty maintain local rankings for about 3 months. This was pre Pigeon though. Recently I have seen issues with those in algorithmic penalties having trouble ranking in the local pack. As Google shifts to more...
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    How to score a Google Maps One-Box? CHEAT! :-(

    This is very interesting and very spammy! That's one more thing to check on when doing competitive research. Thanks for the find Linda!
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    RIP Map Maker Phone Search - Local Dupe Research Just Got A Lot Harder

    Yikes! This is not cool. Thanks for the post Linda! It was a very good write up.
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    New 3 Pack Click Test Study! See where potential visitors are clicking

    With the big shake up last week over local results SEO's need to start thinking about how they can optimize for these new results. Head over to The Juris Digital Blog to read more. What are your thoughts?
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    Goodbye 7 Packs! Only 3 Packs with No Phone # or Address for All Local Results

    Here is a quick write up I did as well also discussing some potential implications. Title: New Local Results! Be in the Top 3 or Disappear? What are your thoughts on potential user behavior if they click through to your...
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    Breaking: Google Features New Amenities Display in Search

    Glad to hear they're getting the data direct. I was wondering where they would be stealing, I mean... pulling the data from :) Overall I think it's a good upgrade and a better customer experience. Can we expect to see more of this roll out to other types of businesses soon?
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    Google Testing New Paid Home Services Local Pack

    I really don't like that :P Hopefully this test doesn't go any further.
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    Local Search Consultants - How Do you Organize Client Project Management?

    We started by keeping it simple with Basecamp and have since developed our own internal software that integrates with a client facing dashboard (coming soon). It's good to be able to track rankings, citations, reviews, project tasks, contacts, client communication, and deadlines all in one spot...
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    Google's Location Aware Search is Now Live... Officially.

    SKYNET is live! It will be interesting to follow this and see how far Google can take it. Also, it will be interesting to see what type of adoption this has and the effect it will have on how users search. It could mean searchers start using more generic based search queries based on their...