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    eLocal hijacked my Bing Listing

    It's possible that eLocal uses Yext for directories themselves, and they would be under a different account.... that would be what I would investigate next.
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    Locations With Two Websites

    Hey @Lanerizz, If they are both the same business, then you're correct that there can only be one listing. Are both websites optimized for just that service? Is there one that more accurately represents the business overall? Is there one that is older, and better established online? Does one...
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    eLocal hijacked my Bing Listing

    How frustrating!! The duplicate issue is why I've never really trusted Yext. I'm confused as to how elocal was able to do this without your consent... did you have an account with them at one time?
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    More Places to become More Businesses ?

    Thanks for the update Ben. I had not noticed, but I mostly work with health related websites.
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    eLocal hijacked my Bing Listing

    I would reach out to support. I know there are sometimes instances with Google listings refusing to update user updates from the dash, and support has to get involved. I'd wager this is similar - someone updated your listing as a user, and your info isn't pushing through for some reason.
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    Properly Closing a Location on GMB for Multi-Location Business

    Hey @Lanerizz Nope, that's all you need to do for the GMB listing. You will also want to do a directory audit and make sure that location is closed in other places, and make sure it's removed from the website as well though. Thanks! Cherie
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    One Location multiple languages

    I could be wrong since I've never thought too hard about this...most of my clients are English speaking only. But, our computers, browsers, etc are set up with language preferences. It's my understanding that Google will automatically show listings to people based on those preferences.
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    Site Change of Address issue in Google Search Console

    Hey @HoosierBuff The new domain in WMT wouldn't happen to be HTTPS, would it? And the old is HTTP? If that's the case, you need to pay for the security certificate for the old domain. That said, if the domain change happened in 2017, doing the address change in WMT isn't going to do a whole...
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    Reviews on my listing

    I've never seen it like this before... I've seen the star rating from FB, etc in the KP, and have had a few clients ask for the schema to be added (it was already there). I think it stopped for a while, and then was rolling back out. But I've never seen reviews be pulled in where actual Google...
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    Reviews on my listing

    Ok. I found your listing. I'm not 100% certain how to deal with this as I've never seen anything like this before. Google says to reach out to TripAdvisor to correct the review issue, and then it will be fixed automatically (Frequently asked questions for hotel owners - Hotel Ads Center Help)...
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    Reviews on my listing

    I agree it's a glitch. Where is this appearing? On your GMB listing?
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    Yext Class Action Suit?

    Because Yext isn't a directory or data aggrigator. It's just a platform that works as an intermediary between the business owner and the directories concerning that business' data (similar to Moz and Brightlocal) - for a fee.
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    The Top 5 Factors for a Review to be marked Most Relevant

    This is great information..very interesting!
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    Is There A Way To Avoid Google Confirmation Text/Calls?

    Hey @Rich Owings Yea, I suppose you would eventually come to a point where Google wouldn't let you add anymore like it does with Analytics and Search Console. What we do here is create an alias login on our domain for each client. Then we create a Google account using that email. Any messages...
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    Is There A Way To Avoid Google Confirmation Text/Calls?

    Hi there! You can ask your clients if it is ok to turn off the two step verification they have active on their accounts, or you can use your own login that is added as a manager on the business listings. I'd say using your own login is the best option - that way you don't have to keep using...
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    Puerto Rico Locations/Addresses

    Ahh.. I see now. I'd say that you will need to reach out to Google Support then. PR is not a state, it's a territory and so is still it's own country. I see that it instructs you to create a new location when the country/region needs changed (as is the case here) - but I wouldn't do that as it...
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    Puerto Rico Locations/Addresses

    Have you tried creating the listing using PR as a country instead of USA? I see that it's an option as a country when creating a new listing...
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    How to rank without a website?!

    Is the competitor well established and well known within the community? I've found that businesses who's brand is a household name, so to speak, rank extremely well in spite of their atrocious web presence. Somehow Google seems to be able to tell that they are the go to for everything in that...
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    Yext Class Action Suit?

    Yext isn't the only option for those updates. Citysearch feeds from infoUSA/Express Update, so I'd check there. Mapquest has updated things for me in the past via a domain based email as well. Mapquest also pulls reviews from Yelp, so it would be helpful to make sure your info there is correct...