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    TripAdvisor Optimization Tips?

    I'm not sure if this will help with ranking within TripAdvisor itself, but I would also make sure that SameAs schema is on the website as well.
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    Looking for a tool to scrape local results

    I use Botsol, and love it. The free version gives me exactly what I need for these types of audits, and I can export to Excel. I've been looking for a similar solution for my Mac loving coworkers, but unfortunately have not found one yet. In the mean time, I run a scan for them, and email the...
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    Google short names: Still broken and the plot thickens

    Thanks for the update! I've been holding off on creating these for my clients... I'd rather deal with a short URL for a while longer than have to explain to an angry client where their listing went.
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    Getting two side-by-side businesses of the same type to show up on Google Maps

    Hey Cordell, It looks like you've already moved the Pin markers as far away from each other as possible, changed the category, etc. I'd try adding more photos, getting more/better reviews to try to boost the weaker listing...but I suspect the filter would still be an issue no matter what you do.
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    Multiple 1-star Reviews in Short Timeframe

    I've heard that before. I've also heard that the reviewer doesn't need to have actually done business at the location - just that they had an experience there or with an employee.
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    Local SEO

    Hey Chris, Thanks for the clarification. I agree with the others. More content is definitely needed site wide. Each page should have at least 300-400 words that fully answer the searcher's question, and that content needs to be optimized using current SEO best practices for on page...
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    Google Guaranteed icon question

    I think I understand your question now. Sorry... I'm coming back from vacation again, and am still trying to get my head back in the game, haha! So, the client is advertising in local search through the Google Guaranteed program, and wants the badge to show on the website instead of just the...
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    Google Guaranteed icon question

    I'm sorry... I must be misunderstanding something. What program?
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    Adding MORE photos to a GMB profile - - any value

    Heya, I do think there is a benefit, mainly for conversion reasons as long as the photos are good ones. Users are more likely to click through to learn more about the business, which does indirectly impact rankings because it shows Google that the listing was relevant to the user's search. It...
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    Reviews not showing up from Facebook? Does FB filter reviews?

    Hey @HoosierBuff I'm not aware of a review filter for Facebook. Does this business have other reviews showing? It's possible that they have the ratings option turned off...
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    Google Guaranteed icon question

    I think the answer to this depends on the industry, and whether or not their services are actually recommended by Google...
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    Local SEO

    Hey Chris, I agree that we need a bit more information. Specifically, which directories are you noticing the drop? And I'm also not understanding your question about links...
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    When a business is attacked via GMB ratings

    I don't think Google is picking sides per say. I also think this is algorithmic. The fact that the five stars are being left makes me think that human eyes aren't looking into this... Google will remove reviews that seem unnatural, and the rate that they are posted is one of those red flags...
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    GMB Sample/Demo Profile

    I'm not aware of one. Could you use your own? You could also create a new listing for a theoretical business, and just not verify it. It won't show live if it's not verified, and can just be deleted after you are finished with it.
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    Download photos from GMB

    No reason to apologize, haha!
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    Download photos from GMB

    @Ezz Ashater that's the only way I've been able to do it, only the how to you shared has a few more steps than necessary. Just navigate to the photo, and download it from the report a problem section. No need to go to the profile of the person who posted it.
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    Spam Help/Advice Needed

    I would reach out to support directly in this case. I've found Twitter to be the most helpful. You can reach them at @GoogleMyBiz If they are unable to help you, someone here should be able to escalate to the local advertisers forum...but Twitter is normally the first place I go. Keep us posted!
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    Spam Help/Advice Needed

    Who did you send the photos to? Google support? How did you contact them? Just an FYI, don't click the 2 nice guys website. I think it's been hacked.
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    Google Analytic Inaccurate Traffic

    My first thought was that this could be spam. It's annoying. Check the hostname data to see if the pages are from your site or not. In the page report select hostname as a secondary dimension. If the page view hits are from another hostname then you can filter them out. Regarding your having...
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    Fake Yelp Review What Recourse?

    Hey @jrobbins Unfortunately, not really. Especially not with Yelp. Unless the reviews out and out violate their guidelines (profanity, harassment, etc), they normally pretty much refuse to remove them as a rule. There have even been law suits over this with Yelp. If the reviews are all by the...