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    Rendering Schema Reviews in HTML

    I've used Easy Testimonials for WordPress for years. The free version displays the output fine. The pro version allows you to collect the testimonials on the site as well.
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    Google Home Services vs PPC

    Thanks again Joe. We might just only turn on the higher value HVAC leads under those metrics.
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    Google Home Services vs PPC

    thanks for the clarification Joe. We have a plumbing/HVAC client who is in LSA but the campaign has been in pause mode from the beginning since staff is too busy. At some point we'll turn it on, if for no other reason than to determine the CPA. In the meantime would you care to share conversion...
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    Google Home Services vs PPC

    I second Miriam. Thanks Joe. Your post seems to indicate 0 churn as the CPA of $18 is the same as the cost per lead. So did this client receive 102 leads--all of which turned into customers? Thanks again for the great post. I'll share it as well.
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    How Do You Get Your Clients To Take Action?

    Since I posted on this topic back in December I've also started to use @Dave it hasn't occurred to show screens with missing pieces that need to be provided--thanks.
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    Google Local Carousel - OFFICIALLY Launched!

    Hi Linda, I've had it since early this morning. Nice to have flexibility. Even though most of my clients are SAB's I do have a sprinkling of clients in the affected cats. I've been drilling down all morning just because I want to work in the carousel. Of course that means I'll have to get...
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    Google Local Carousel AKA Knowledge Graph Makes Website Extra Click Away

    Now that I've seen your post from May again Linda, it registers. I think I must have had some type of psycho-block because it was such a radical departure. When I realized Google took ranking out of the equation in the new maps a few weeks ago it started to sink in that this is a great idea...
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    Google Local Carousel AKA Knowledge Graph Makes Website Extra Click Away

    I must be wearing a different pair of (Google) glasses. The carousel is a gamechanger for local businesses, especially those that can drive clicks via images. Of course, the entire scenario, from visibility in the carousel to managing content in search results after the hoped for click, is too...
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    Hot for Local! NEW Google Keyword Planner - KW Research by City

    Great stuff Linda I've been tinkering with this tool since I stumbled on the post a few days ago. Thanks for your special insight Linda
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    Changes to Places Search & Google SERPs Display

    Anything is possible with Google, Linda so you're suggesting they are throwing in the towel on local - throwing a bone to Yelp and the verticals to keep the feds off. Only thing is Google actually won on both sides of the pond even though the Euros did slap them a little harder than Uncle. My...
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    How to Use Schema Markup for Local SEO

    I saw this thread and thought to myself oh good - I'm going to get this straight once and for all - not happening. And this is on my own site! I got a schema plug in last week and finally got around to filling it out. So, am I supposed to fill out all the fields or just what I want to...
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    Value of Placing License info

    Hi Folks, I've seen this several times in the last few days as its come up in Baltimore and I've probably seen the tweets. I've got questions and perhaps a resident link expert can shed some light. Great idea though for service providers to place and link to state lic info. So, I'm thinking by...
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    Dex Knows

    Hi Linda and thanks for the reply. I can understand you being a little jittery with my mention of Dex and call-in in the same sentence. No, it has nothing to do with call tracking and I can't imagine them assigning a call tracking # to a free listing. Not to mention the subject never even came...
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    Dex Knows

    Hi All, To my surprise the other day I found a call in feature for Dex Knows here's the page Is this new? I set up 3 listings (locations) for a client which generated an account where I was supposed to be able to add additional content - I was but for only one of the locations. Does anyone...
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    Hi Cindy, Not sure if site is down but the other day I was unable to create a login - it kept bouncing me back to the same screen