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    Google My Business "Get a Quote" Button

    "GIVE ME A QUOTE NOW" "TELL ME YOUR PRICES" "HOW MUCH?" Think of the FUN we could have if the button was customizable!
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    Google My Business "Get a Quote" Button

    Oh my gosh - that's a BIG BUTTON! To see the quote button you need to be logged into your google account, because the get a quote feature using the GMB app and the Google Maps app as the platforms for the communication exchange. Right? This makes me think they might also enable messaging for...
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    Issue with Google Reviews Disappearing

    Oh - bad news for those affected! Is there a tool to bulk export your reviews (just so you have a record from time to time) or is it a question of just scraping the page as best you can? I don't have experience of the API but I'm imagining this is the answer! NB Solved - I just made a report...
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    Q&A Autosuggest Featuring Using Reviews, Q&A, Posts and Products Beta!

    I was reading around the topic of the autosuggest functionality on GMB Q&A yesterday - a couple of pieces I had read suggested that it was being populated purely from review content. Myself and Carrie Hill did some digging around and found that in fact it's now being populated from existing...
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    Issue With Responding to Q&A on Google My Business

    Hmmm, It might be this still? Issue With Responding to Q&A on Google My Business - Local Search Forum - not sure if this bug is still active?
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    Cover Photos Still Don't Dictate what Shows in the Knowledge Panel

    This was an interesting announcement - also, just to add to the mix, if you're searching from a European country Google will populate the profile image (and indeed all photos) with images from Google search rather than Google maps for *SOME* businesses. What a PITA!