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    New Game: Why Ranks High???

    Looks like they have a good website: Smile Center Professionals It looks like they have never found and fixed the name problem at the Google listing, the street name and business name got blended, but behind that is a deep record of possible citations. A search of their phone brings back about...
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    Do I have a hidden dupe/merged listing?

    Do you have the suite number in address line 2 on the Google listing? You may want to test changing it from the Google Places for Business dashboard and also the Google+ page both. ---------- Post Merged at 09:24 AM ---------- Previous Post was at 09:17 AM ---------- Clearly things are...
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    Do I have a hidden dupe/merged listing?

    I would start by fixing the address on the Google listing and then do the same at Bing and Yahoo. Website: 14 Hughes, Suite B102 Google: 14 Hughes b102 Bing: 14 Hughes Ste B102 Yahoo: 14 Hughes, Ste B102
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    Ranking multi-location franchise with common corporate website

    I appreciate your feedback. Are you suggestting the ideal is: If not, what format do you recommend?
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    Ranking multi-location franchise with common corporate website

    I have a question for everyone. I have been searching and reading, but I need to ask because this is very important and time is a factor for me. Situation: franchise business multiple locations in multple states one common website common business name unique addresses uniquie phone numbers...
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    How Many Reviews Can Your Listing Have Before Google Gets Suspicious?

    If his reviews mainly come from people that have pre-existing Google+ accounts and hopefully a history of real reviews, that should maintain the credibility of the new reviews. I would avoid having people create new Google accounts purely for reviews if he is going to get large quantities.
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    Multiple Managers & Transfer Ownership Added to Local Google+ Business Pages

    What a super cool development! It seems so basic and took a while but what a huge improvement. Tip of the hat to Google.
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    The Maps are all Gone!

    Super strange for a city the size of Austin. I checked plumber locust grove ga and the 7 pack still come back and that is a small town area.
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    Birth Date Requirement

    I'm sure the birth date is so they can build their demographics. This is one of the things that makes Google one of the most powerful marketing companies ever. They know more about every user than the NSA and use it well for advertising purposes.
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    I own it but can't edit the Google+ page

    Here is an idea. Drop the claim by removing the account from that dashboard and reclaim in the new dashboard. It might mean using a different email but I think it would be worth the effort to have the new more responsive dashboard.
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    Dual Owner Reclaiming Lockout on Google+ Local Begins

    My wait time to speak with a person was probably about 10 minutes. I was a bit surprised it took that long. All in all though I am happy with the result. I don't know if they considered the account stale or if that was a factor in their decision to unverify. We did have to make a change...
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    Dual Owner Reclaiming Lockout on Google+ Local Begins

    Today was a great day! I had a listing that was previously claimed by a customer with a known email. We wanted to change the email address that would be the verified owner of the listing. I called Google and they manually released the listing from the 1st email in about 5-10 minutes and we...
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    Dual Owner Reclaiming Lockout on Google+ Local Begins

    This is an important thread and I though it could use a screen shot of the Request Ownership dialog box. If we could add an image of the email the the previous listing owner gets in response to this request, I think that would be helpful too.
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    Services on a page using bulleted lists

    I have noticed that Google+ did maintain the formatting for things like bullet lists when they first rolled out the new pages, but now it seems to cram everything into one big paragraph now matter what. Anyone else notice this? Any suggestions on how to get the Google+ listing to hold the...
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    Remove an unwanted listing from the new Places Dashboard!

    I came accross this same situation myself today with a client. Unlike the old dashboard, just removing from the dashboard was not an option. This thread was a big help! We at least reported the duplicate verified listing, unfortunately I still don't know what to do about the 2 unverified...