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    What are your Top 5 suggestions?

    Depending on the vertical you'll need to dedicate some time to "spam fighting". Develop a process to 1)Identify competitors who break GMB guidelines 2)Track them in a spreadsheet 3)Report them via the Redressal Form.
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    GMB Profile Vanished & Reviews Merged With Other Realtor At Office

    Hi @rclark it looks like Helmut Geissler is already helping over at the GMB Forum. I would reply to the thread if he hasn't replied to the last post. It is super busy at GMB Forum and replies can get missed.
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    Question Re: GMB Impressions in GSC and Analytics

    Hi @snysarah Yes you need to tag your GMB URL's to be able to filter them out in both GSC and GA. Otherwise, yes it would count it as organic.
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    Sudden organic drop after a year of stability

    @ssjd2000 are you capturing screenshots of the SERP's when you are up vs down so you can see what else changes other than your site moving around?
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    Service for Schema Reviews

    GatherUp checks all your boxes.
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    Sudden organic drop after a year of stability

    Hi @ssjd2000 Can you provide the details so we can troubleshoot for you? Website Keyword that dropped Date that rankings dropped
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    SAB - change address from virtual office?

    Hey Tony, I'd still not recommend using a virtual office address even if the address is hidden. Google still knows what address was used to verify the listing so if it ever comes up they could still delete the listing.
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    Client moved, been updating citations but rankings dropping

    I'd also be curious to know the answer to Joys question. Are you able to share the old address and the new address?
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    GMB Ranking Collapsed - Superior Site Booted From Pick 3

    Here you go - The creator of the tool is also an administrator here @Yan Gilbert and my coworker at Sterling Sky.
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    GMB Ranking Collapsed - Superior Site Booted From Pick 3

    Hi @Pete when I search "translation services" with my search location set to your zipcode I see you in the #1 spot. As the searcher location gets farther away from the businesses location you can see the rankings go down, which is typical. What I am noticing is that a few of the listings...
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    Create a short name & URL for your business

    GMB literally just launched this in the last 24 hours. Mike did a good post about it that you can check out - Google My Business Rolling Out Short Names
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    Has anyone seen improved rankings from doing GMB posts consistently?

    @Seo Guru Just a side note: if you are testing posts out make sure to add UTM parameters to the posts landing page so you can track performance in Google Analytics. This was you can see which posts lead to a conversion.
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    Can't verify GmB page or post on GmB forum about it...

    Hi @WAHamilton I had the same issue with chat support today. Instead of refreshing I just waited it out and the "chat unavailable" message went away after about 20 mins. I just worked on some other tasks and kept my eye on it so I could jump on it once the message went away. In regards to the...
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    GMB Bug?

    There's a known bug with categories at the moment. Could be related to this - GMB Categories Bug: Must Save Twice - Local Search Forum
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    GMB Tracking Number Rejected

    Hi Matt, I just want to confirm are you adding the actual local number as an additional number in GMB?
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    Linked Accounts

    Hi Carolyn, I can file a bug report with Google if you can send me the details. Feel free to DM me.
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    Attorney Category

    I agree with David. Currently "Attorney" is available as a category for Canadian listings and "Lawyer" is for US listings. This has changed in the past so that is likely what it happening.
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    Linked Accounts

    @hajnasiewicz as of today Google let me know that the bug component has been fixed. Can you confirm if you are still experiencing the issue?
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    Linked Accounts

    Hi @hajnasiewicz are you referring to listing managers being removed? There are some bugs related to adding listing managers that I am aware of.
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    Change in GMB Business name for lawyers industry

    I second what David said. Keywords in the GMB name as well as the name listed on citations is going to have an impact on ranking.
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    Switching to a SAB?

    Hi @aggiejulie12 If they go to their customers location they would be considered an SAB. If they also see customers at their business address you can leave the address in the GMB dashboard and it will appear on the live listing. Not having it set-up properly can lead to a listing suspension so...
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    Client GMB Suspended for No Reason - Again. Can a competitor cause this?

    Hi Nikki, Usually when you see a suspended message and the listing is still live on maps in an unclaimed state it's what's referred to as a soft suspension. A much better situation to be in then having the listing completely removed. It is possible that a competitor did report the listing to...
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    Issue with a location I manage and a transit stop

    The review content needs to be clear that it is for the hotel specifically in order for Google to move them. That's the challenge.
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    Issue with a location I manage and a transit stop

    Hi Callum, GMB support should be able to move the reviews over if they are clearly left on the wrong listing. Just put a document together with the evidence and send it to Twitter support or post to the GMB forum.
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    "Coming Soon" locations and reviews

    I second Yan and Allan. The only thing I'll add is make sure you are flagging the reviews from within your GMB dashboard and not on the live review. This way is more effective and suggested by Google.
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    Google My Business now showing an email address field?

    Hi @Brodie Clark I'm seeing an increased number of these sightings over the last month. Google seems to have tweaked it's scraper that pulls information into the KP. If you hit the "feedback" link in the KP it should give you the option to edit the email address or remove it.
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    Conversions From DuckDuckGo Are on the Rise

    I've been observing conversions coming from DuckDuckGo for several websites over the last few months. I know the search engine is gaining in usage but I am trying to figure out more about why we are seeing this trend. Does anyone see the same pattern with websites you work on? Do you use...
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    Problems Removing Competitor Photos from Google Maps

    Hi Amanda, How have you reported the photos? Have you tried reaching out to Google My Business support?
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    Pediatrics & ortho using same office space

    As long as they are separately licensed businesses with their own website and primary categories as Joshua and Rich mention then you should be fine.