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    Is there a business or service provider that fights GMB spam?

    The best channel to report reviews is GMB on Twitter. Compile a Google doc with supporting evidence, adjust the document permissions so anyone can edit it and DM it to GMB. They are super backed up right now so action will be delayed.
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    Staffed Regus Office Location Suspended in GMB. Any way to save?

    Second what Joy said. Google will let you know if they need/want photo or video evidence. In the description section of the form you can indicate that you have photos ready to send over to them as a reminder as well.
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    No local result with only 1 competitor in region

    @Belen C nailed it. Having "cryotherapy" in their name is helping give them that boost. I also noticed that their primary category is "Wellness Center". It's possible that Google matches crynotherapy with that category closer than what you are using "Sports Medicine Clinic". At the very least...
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    Editing a competition’s duplicate site.

    Hey @RICKDO Assuming you are referring to submitting a user edit on Google Maps, the answer is yes.
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    Merge or remove a business?

    @karenmitchell is the old listing still generating business and not causing confusion among potential customers? If yes, it would be wise to leave it as is until the new listing ranks higher. With that said, as you alluded to, you may benefit from Google combining the listings/reviews etc. So...
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    About primary categories triggering "restricted GMB posting"

    Medical Clinic - limited to update or event.
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    Changing GMB website from Facebook page to new website

    Here you go - Business Redressal Complaint Form - Google My Business Help
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    In need of advice - Spam listing keeps reappearing

    Are you tracking the maps CID number of the listing? It sounds like they might be creating new listings each time instead of actually getting reinstated. Considering how backed-up GMB support is I would be impressed if they managed to get reinstated four times in a month.
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    Merging businesses

    I honestly wouldn't worry too much about the old citations. They list a completely different NAP correct? So they're not going to lead to any NAP inconsistency issues. If you have access to the old citations I'd suggest editing them to indicate that the business has moved and list the new...
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    Merging businesses

    Hey Mike, Google would want you to mark the old listing as closed but if the book of business is being moved to the new business that would not be an ideal situation. Especially when they look up the old business and see the big red closed banner. I would contact GMB support and ask them if...
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    GMB Short Names - Are they important?

    Personal I think the URL without the (-) is superior from an aesthetic perspective.
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    Changing GMB website from Facebook page to new website

    Hi @Grabgooglesgoogles Keep in mind that using a social media page as the GMB website is not compliant according to the guidelines. Historically Google has gone back and forth on whether or not this is allowed but according to the current guidelines it isn't. I would switch it out to the actual...
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    GMB Short Names - Are they important?

    Hi @KristiSimone They are important enough to create/claim them. It's worth the effort because: It's an easy and effective way to show-off your GMB profile to potential customers. You can include the short name URL in email marketing campaigns, emails signatures...etc Your competitors could...
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    GMB Listings Stuck in Pending

    @danielwallace This is fairly typical for a scenario like yours. Because changing/adding an address to a GMB is a core data edit it often goes through extra layers of verification with the support team. I'd fill out the form that @jvaquino provided but keep in mind that GMB support is really...
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    GMB Elaborate Spam

    Hi @Rob Oneil Have you tried compiling everything into a sheet and sending over to Google via the redressal form? GMB support is really backed-up though so keep that in mind.
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    "Review Updates" Message In GMB Dashboard

    Thanks for the shots. I see this often but not as often as the other style message "Review Updates." I think the difference is that the "Review Updates" message is for user edits and 3rd party sources and the "Confirm your business info" is straight from Google or some other source. Good...
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    "Review Updates" Message In GMB Dashboard

    Hey @MeganR I am pretty sure I know what you are referring to but can you share a screenshot just to be sure?