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    Big Drop in the number of new reviews made by customers

    Hi @Luca What is their review gathering process? (Automated? In person ask?..etc) Has anything changed with the process since the drop in reviews?
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    GMB has had my business in pending since June, 2018!

    @Theresa I'd suggest creating a post at the Google My Business forum. Community forum - Google My Business Help
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    NEW [New Feature] Black “Ad” Label Appears in 3-Pack on Desktop

    Glenn Gabe tweeted yesterday that he is now seeing the black "Ad" label appearing in 3-pack ads. Glenn said "I feel bad for the local businesses out there. I first thought there were 4 listings in the local pack... Nope, the black ad label just blends right in. Wow." I couldn't agree more it...
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    Announcing "Social Poster" from Citation Builder Pro

    We are happy to announce a new feature from Citation Builder Pro called "Social Poster". Now you can instantly re-post a GMB post on social sites like Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Wordpress & blogger. Here is a short video. In the coming week they are adding a few more sites like Facebook...
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    Reporting spam

    Hi @Belfastlad the edits are private so there is no way for anyone to know who submitted the edit. The exception I have heard about is if Google gets subpoenaed. Since you are just getting started on your spam fighting journey here is a resource to point you in the right direction - [2019] The...
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    How to add a 2nd physical adress?

    Did you confirm that the second location already exists on Google Maps? Can you share the business details?
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    Services? Products?

    It doesn't appear so. But I haven't seen a conclusive test, yet.
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    How to Claim a Knowledge Panel

    Hey @camarchi01 what Joy meant is she will DM you the tip from the guide.
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    Keyword tracking for nearby towns

    It really depends on the goals and what you're tracking but in a general sense sure I would want to. With Brightlocal it tracks things at the root domain level anyways and there are lots of situations where your homepage can rank in other cities.
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    Keyword tracking for nearby towns

    Hey Ed, If the town is somewhere you want visibility from I would track it.
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    Services? Products?

    GA with UTM tracking.
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    Services? Products?

    Hi Barb, The benefit of adding it as a product is you can add an image and a CTA that will be visible in your knowledge panel. So it's an opportunity to make your KP stand-out visually.
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    Looking for an SEO consultant with experience optimizing IT support companies

    Hey Dave, I can refer you to someone. Send me a DM here at the forum and I can share the details. Thanks!
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    Requested ownership, didn't hear back - What now?

    Hey Devon, how have you been contacting GMB support?
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    Link Trading

    Hey @AcmeMike Google calls this tactic out specifically here - Link schemes - Search Console Help Link schemes Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site's ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This...