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    Problems With GMB Suspension Appeals

    We've got a large handful of listings in our account suspended right now, and all seemed to get suspended for different reasons. It's been 14+ days since we provided Google with the storefront photo on some of them and there is still no sign of them being reinstated. 2 or 3 were unsuspended in...
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    GMB Suspensions After Being Granted Access

    We've been having a similar issue, but it is happening sooner than making edits. The issue we have been having is that the listings are being suspended as soon as we get access. Whether it's through a Change of Ownership or simply being invited to the listing and accepting, the listings get...
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    Maximum Number of Listings Issue

    Okay, done. Is there any insight as to why this is happening/what is causing it? It seems to be a widespread issue the more I research.
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    Maximum Number of Listings Issue

    Update: being invited to a listing via Location Group ID still works, as does the "Add a Location" feature if we log into one of the emails that controls a Location Group and do it that way. So, we have plenty of workaround options, but it would still be nice to resolve the root issue.
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    Maximum Number of Listings Issue

    Hey all, So our Agency Dashboard decided around 4pm CST yesterday to start having a wonderful glitch. Whenever we try to add a new location, it redirects us to this page: Maximum number of listings per account - Google My Business Help. I'm 99% sure this is a glitch, as I've seen some other...
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    New "Products" Section for Google My Business?

    We've set up some of our clients with some different catalogues in the Products (Beta), but it's hard to tell if there is any ROI on it. It does add some visual flair to the knowledge panel though. They also recently started showing up on the knowledge panel for desktop (was previously...