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    Suspension - First one in a long time

    So I'm guessing we've all seen the "reports" that Google has rolled out a fix for "missing and suspended" listings, but I haven't had anything be fixed on my end. I had 4 listings reinstated on Thursday last week, bringing our total # of suspended listings down to 13, and we are still at 13 as...
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    Google Listings being stuck in "Pending Review"

    Hey all, So far today, almost all of our business listings (about 80%) that we have made a change to/claimed/updated info on/etc. have gone into "pending review" and seem to be stuck in it temporarily. Some have been stuck for up to 4-4.5 hours. This does happen from time to time on listings...
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    Shortnames causing suspensions: could it be because of Google's proposed shortname?

    So is this issue with shortnames related specifically to underscores/hyphens/etc. then? I personally haven't had a client be suspended for the shortname yet (we've only put it on 6 or 7 thus far) and none of ours have used any special characters- just letters.
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    Suspension - First one in a long time

    We had just under 40 listings total get suspended (both hard and soft- about a 65-35% ratio) through the month of June, and we are now at 17 total suspended. So they are slowly being reinstated, which is something I guess. The weird thing is that there is no consistency on who gets unsuspended...
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    Multiple 1-star Reviews in Short Timeframe

    The links are live for now, so I'll include those; I wanted to make sure I got the screenshots before the posts on Facebook were taken down because you never know. One last question on this: there are a couple reviews mixed in with the copy/pasted ones and the 1-star ratings that are (or at...
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    Multiple 1-star Reviews in Short Timeframe

    So I'd flagged the reviews on Wednesday (more dropped in yesterday and today also- bringing the total to 8 in roughly 48 hours) and the next step is just replying to the email they sent with my documentation? I've got screenshots of posts on Facebook of the person who started this encouraging...
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    Multiple 1-star Reviews in Short Timeframe

    So, one of my clients has recently been under fire from a personal attack from someone who has an issue with her herself and has never done business with her. They, and their friends/family, have left multiple 1-star reviews on the Google Maps listing- some of which are just 1-star ratings with...
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    Issue with Google Reviews Disappearing

    Is this for existing reviews or for reviews that are new? There have been a few we've received the emails on saying "You got a new review!" and then there is nothing there... We'd assumed the reviewer had deleted it for whatever reason, but I'm guessing it is due to this glitch.