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    3-Day Change of Ownership for a Google Maps listing?

    So this is something we've seen 2 or 3 times since early Monday this week and I figured I'd go ahead and post about it. Basically, it's the classic "change of ownership" process for a Google Maps listing except that the timeframe on it now is 3 days instead of 7 days. This is the first we've...
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    Known Technical Issue Impacting GMB Photos

    I don't know if it is a "solution necessarily, but we had this same issue with multiple listings recently and we ended up getting around the problem. So each of the listings had multiple photos uploaded (even new cover/logo photos set) and none of it was showing out on the KP- it was still just...
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    Ongoing bug with Google posts? 🐛

    Images not showing on the live Maps listing despite being uploaded has been a very annoying ongoing issue, yes. Typically a quick chat with G Support will get them pushed through manually thankfully.
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    Are GMB Posts no longer editable?

    @KevinDoory Those are product posts, yes? I believe that is the issue. We can't edit any of our product posts but we can edit our event posts. It's likely related to the changes they're making to product posts- there's a little info about those changes in this thread.
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    How do you protect your GMB site from competitors or spammers edits?

    Unfortunately, no. If Google's automated system approves a suggested edit from a user then it's approved and takes effect on the live listing. All you can do within GMB is click a confirmation button that the edit has been made (basically an "I understand that Google made this change already")...
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    Ongoing bug with Google posts? 🐛

    Seems like it's the same thing that @Colan Nielsen mentioned on a separate thread here. I still haven't seen this where I'm located (south-central US) but it definitely seems like they're testing something or something is bugged (is there really a difference with Google though?).
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    Google Beginning to Push Ads More in the GMB Dashboard

    Seems like Google is trying to use the GMB dashboard to draw businesses into doing Google Ads more and more lately. Saw this pop up in all of my clients' dashboards today: With all of the problems that Bedlam has caused the last month, I think it's safe to say that this is definitely 100%...
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    New Category Section Seen in Product Post

    To add on to all this, we logged in this morning and found that every single one of our past product posts for our clients have been removed and "converted" into a product on the Products (Beta) section. We do product posts for our floral clients quite often, and now all of these are gone from...
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    GMB Postcard Tracking?

    So a client for one of our sister companies set themselves up on GMB and ordered the postcard for the verification, and they apparently were provided a tracking number for the postcard from Google after ordering it so they could see the progress and know when exactly to expect it. The business...
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    Removing Indoor 360 Streetview?

    Well it took roughly 5-6 weeks, but the 360 photos have now been removed after the most recent "escalation" by chat support. I guess it may have just been one of those "try until you get the right Google rep" situations.
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    Removing Indoor 360 Streetview?

    @Annika Neudecker Yep, that's the one we've been using. I've talked to GMB Chat Support a couple of times as well and they keep telling me they will "escalate it to their specialist team" but I've seen no change as of yet. Just waiting patiently and contacting them/re-reporting it once every...
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    GMB Dashboard Has One Address But Displays a Different Address in Maps?

    If I had to guess, it is likely because the actual Google Maps database has that information as "St. Simons" and not "St. Simons Island", so it doesn't really matter what you put in the dashboard because it will essentially "autocorrect" it on the live Maps listing anyway. I have a similar...
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    Goodbye Google product posts - I'll miss you 😭

    We noticed the other day that the product posts were different. They aren't even an option if you don't have the Products (Beta) in the dashboard as you said- but they are still an option if you do have it. It's weird though because if you do a Product post now it actually does not show up as...
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    GMB Phone Support No More?

    What was the number you reached them at out of curiosity? I've been using the chat support and it's been working fine- just curious why one number would be working if the others aren't. Thanks for that link- it's nice to know they're actually announcing some of these changes now so it isn't all...
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    Weird Email from Google?

    We got one of these as well for one of our clients. When we go in the account, there is nothing that is flagged as needing updated. In the Info tab though, there is a "Confirm" button to click to confirm recent updates, but nothing happens when we click it. Not too sure what's going on but my...