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    Google Set To Monetize Google My Business?

    What they're describing sounds almost identical to Yelp's "enhanced profile" advertising option ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ IMO this isn't something to be overly concerned about. It exists already. I highly doubt Google will ever get rid of the free listing option.
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    Tracking Google Places With UTM tracking in Google Anlaytics

    Great idea to use tracking URLs. I'd recommend the following structure: Source = gmb or local -- Google has thrown up errors for using 'google' in tracking URLs before... I'm not sure if that's still an issue but it has been in the past. Medium = organic -- This way you can still pull...
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    A lot of movement in the 3-pack / Local Finder

    Let me know if you want any more cases to analyze! We've got a handful over here that could provide some useful data.
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    A lot of movement in the 3-pack / Local Finder

    We saw drops for clients in the gas station, banking, retirement community / assisted living, moving, and vacation rentals industries. Mostly in local results but some organic is a mess too. Anyone else thinking this feels a lot like Pigeon...? - Centroids have shifted across all the...
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    Let's talk listing strategy - multiple brands at a single location

    Thanks Dan, testing is the plan :) Good to hear that you've seen success from breaking up the business into multiple listings. Out of curiosity - did those businesses already have an established presence, or were you setting them up from scratch? Part of what's giving us pause is that this...
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    Let's talk listing strategy - multiple brands at a single location

    Sometimes, but not always. Probably a 40/60 split between instances where they have unique phone numbers and where they don't.
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    Let's talk listing strategy - multiple brands at a single location

    All right. I've been searching up and down for data on this and I can't find anything. Also, I apologize if this topic has been covered somewhere else in a thread- I couldn't find anything specifically related to this on here either. This is similar to practice/practitioner struggles but...
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    How to upset every single client at once. If you're a consultant, don't do this.

    +100 to Eric's advice on setting up GMB accounts with @clientdomain email addresses. It's a MAJOR trust signal and has saved some of our clients' accounts several times from bizarre mishaps and glitches. Added bonus: if one of your franchisees or store managers requests ownership of a listing...
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    Location Count Fluctuating in GMBL

    Almost all back to normal. So strange. For what it's worth, this was isolated to the East Coast.
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    Location Count Fluctuating in GMBL

    So here's a fun one... A few thousand locations just disappeared from the GMBL dashboard in 5 different client accounts a few minutes ago. All with different logins. Mix of Watch this short video: gmb-listing-count-fluctuation - coris's library I'm refreshing the page and the location count...
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    New - Google My Business Trusted Verifier Program

    Very interesting... Thanks for sharing, Linda!
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    Google My Business & GMBL Update Rolling Out Now - Better Nav/UI

    Re: Google My Business & GMBL Update Rolling Out Now - Better Nav/UI Does the new "insights" tab report in aggregate for multi location accounts?? If so this is the day I've been dreaming of since I first got into this gig. ---------- Post Merged at 06:57 PM ---------- Previous Post was at...
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    Google Local Mall Update - Did Google just Change Your NAP?

    Hey Eric, do you have an example of a site that utilizes Schema this way? I'm not aware of a type that will allow you to specify "LocatedIn" or something similar- the only way I can think to do this would be to list the store as a department of the larger shopping center ("ShoppingCenter" to...
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    Changes to NAP after Places bulk verification?

    Yes and no. The update solved a lot of the dual claiming problems, yes, but not necessarily NAP inconsistency. I'm actually seeing old/ closed/ duplicate listings with incorrect NAP causing more problems now than I have in a while. Brian Barwig actually just wrote a blog post about that this...
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    Changes to NAP after Places bulk verification?

    Wow, I forgot about this one! :) You should be okay to change the address as long as your name and store code stay consistent. In my experience Google tends to look at the store code as the first "anchor" so to speak. I haven't had to do an address change like this since the bulk update though...