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    Joy allowed me to interview her on my podcast

    The "request additional quotes" feature you were referring to here. Yes, that is exactly what I was talking about.
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    Review Request - Business Card - Text optimization?

    You've done a great job coming up with copy. I suppose the only true answer lies in testing each one against the other. I tend to look at the problem this way—if I'm going to invest time/energy into getting someone more reviews... what is the MOST effective way to do that. That said, is the...
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    Capital GMB Name

    It is a guideline. If you go to the GMB guidelines, and under "Name" click "Learn More" they will go into detail about what's acceptable and what's not. All capital titles are allowed, assuming it's the brand name: IHOP/KFC being the examples they use. If it isn't. It is technically in...
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    Joy allowed me to interview her on my podcast

    Really great podcast, I really enjoyed your conversations about Yelp advertising especially. I think that is such an under-discussed thing right now.
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    Google My Business Photos - Public View

    With Google My Business, all we can ever do is influence what our entity shows in search. As you stated, at the end of the day the search engine makes the decision. That said, you can 100% influence the image that is shown for direct (branded) searches. Here are two examples: Picking an image...
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    Unable to Verify Knowledge?

    Can you provide us with a link to the KP you'd like help with?
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    Why My Business doesn't have a knowledge panel?

    When you perform a direct search (branded phrase), we refer to what you see as a KP of a local entity. I think this may be confusing because Google also considers branded entities KP's as well. For clarification, which are you referring to? If you are referring to the national KP, that...
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    Google My Business Photos - Public View

    The photos that show in GMB are a combination of photos provided by the business owner as well as uploaded by customers. That may provide to be a tough challenge. How stringent is it that the order is 100%? If I am hearing you correctly, it sounds like you may not care so much about the order...
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    Bummer no one has any experience. I almost want to sign up to check it out.
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    Rheem's Paid Link Program

    @Phil Rozek Okay so this is my thing, I agree with you. Rheem probably doesn't need to pay anyone for links, but the plumber I talked with said they were paying him $500/month to do this (paid quarterly or biannually). My mind immediately goes, "Hey plumbers... this is really valuable for you...
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    Rheem's Paid Link Program

    I was on the phone with one of my customer's today. He informed me the water heater company, Rheem, is paying plumbers to keep a link on their home page pointing back to their website. I'm guessing in an effort to rank pages like these—Best Water Heating Plumbers in Dallas, TX - Rheem Water...
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    Yelp's "Best 10" lists?

    @Stefan Somborac I have a strong suspicion advertising has no direct benefits, but indirect benefits. If you advertise you're more likely to get reviews, which would indirectly lead to rank through the methods mentioned.
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    Yelp's "Best 10" lists?

    I'm pretty sure sites like Yelp & Trip Advisor use systems with exponentially weighted moving averages. Which in this case would mean review frequency over time. I'm sure there are other factors for Yelp lists like keyword usage within reviews, reviews left by the site's "Yelp Elites", and...
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    Local Search Ads (LSA) setup question

    This is an interesting question. When you sign up you, technically you are considered a Google Ads account. You will be assigned a 10-digit customer ID number that will be separate from your other Google Ads customer ID. I would almost use the GMB email to sign up. I think this would avoid...
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    Backlinking Citations: Is this a "Thing"?

    @mattheffner Ha—We were just talking about this. tl;dr—The study is inconclusive. Also, consider that Google may just value the mention on the citation site as opposed to the backlink itself.