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    Share your favorite free Local SEO tools

    I know Bright Local already has a tool to check local search results from any location, but I also like to use as an alternate. Additionally, and this may be too obvious, but The Local Search Forum (which we're currently on) is one of the best tools for any local SEO. The level...
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    Changed to SAB and Traffic Dropped Big Time

    I've seen a few people mention that right after they removed their address their rankings dropped. Though, I can't recall if this was on Twitter or the GMB help forum.
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    What are your Top 5 suggestions?

    I 100% agree with Colan. Nothing has helped our clients rankings more than killing spam.
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    Dynamic Number Swapping (Call Tracking) Being Crawled By Google On Website

    Now that I'm looking more in to this it appears that the phone numbers are swapping after the cached page is loaded. Meaning tag manager is still firing on the cached page, but Google shouldn't see the dynamic numbers (I believe). Here's a test you can do that may help. Do a site search with...
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    Dynamic Number Swapping (Call Tracking) Being Crawled By Google On Website

    Oh man, this is interesting. Thanks for pointing it out. We use CallRail too and I'm seeing cached versions that are including the tracking numbers. Hopefully we can find a way to prevent this.
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    Please Welcome our New Sponsor - BrightLocal

    Welcome! If I wouldn't have known otherwise I would have already thought they were a sponsor due to how often we talk about them here ;). Their local rank tracker is the best I've used.
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    Google Bug Removing Pages From Index

    @Yan Gilbert I saw this same theory from a blackhat SEO (very possibly the same one). I don't see any evidence this is true. I had a few sites that had pages de-indexed and none of them did anything remotely spammy. Additionally, high authority websites such as Wikipedia, Amazon, and Facebook...
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    The Google Backlash: Ahrefs to start new search engine

    There is a huge glaring issue for me in the Twitter thread by Ahref's CEO. There is no mention of how/why this search engine will be useful to the user. He mentions the world privacy, but there are far more developed search engines for this. It almost exclusively talks about how it will be...
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    Explosion of "Direct Traffic"

    Any time I've experienced this it has been due to an attribution issue. Have you seen a correlated decrease in users from other sources such as organic search, referrals, etc.? Google Analytics gives you data that should help you figure out what's happening. I would look at what country the...
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    Google Bug Removing Pages From Index

    If you aren't aware yet Google has confirmed that there is a bug in their system that has been de-indexing pages from its index. John Mueller confirmed the bug in a recent tweet. He also said that it has been fixed. However, people are still experiencing the issue. Just an hour ago (15 hours...
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    Grammarly Adds Junk Code to WordPress Posts and Pages

    Whoah.. this is crazy. My spelling and grammar is that of an 11 year old haha. Grammarly is my saving grace. Thanks for the info!
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    Do you renew your data aggregator listings?

    Many of us submit our listings to the top 4 aggregators for new businesses, but I'm curious if you find it useful to renew your listings every year? The 2 sides I see are: 1. The aggregators already have your info, and if your NAP hasn't changed does it make sense to renew? 2. The listings...
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    LocalBusiness Schema

    Hey @Nikki Brown, I've used the more specific LocalBusiness schema for many of my clients. I can't say I've seen any impact. Though, IMO it doesn't hurt to give Google more specific information.
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    Is Yext worth the cost??

    I agree with @Colan Nielsen. To add to what Colan mentioned, I've used Yext for enterprise level clients and spent $100,000+ per year with them. Prior to that, I was the sole person managing 1,000+ listings for the client on GMB. Not only that, but I had roughly 15 other clients I was doing...
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    Looking for 1-2 SEO's in Columbus, Ohio

    Hi all, We're expanding and I'm looking for 1-2 more SEO's to join me at Postali. If you or anyone you know is in the Columbus area and looking for a new position please feel free to reach out to me or apply on Indeed! We're also looking for a Business Development Rep in Columbus and a...