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    Alternative to Screaming Frog SEO Spider? Free is Nice

    Not sure about real time but have you checked out? - SEO Crawling Software - Beam Us Up
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    Freebase, Google, and Local SEO?

    Hi Julian, Thank you for finding that Google Groups post. A user profile pic is usually basic site functionality that everybody includes. I am glad to see I wasn't missing something.
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    Freebase, Google, and Local SEO?

    Hoping this doesn't derail this thread but has somebody posted a good "getting started" tutorial for Freebase? I have an account ( and I have made a few edits for stuff around my community as I am getting my feet wet but for the life of me I haven't been...
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    Anyone submitting to Nokia Maps?

    In an all time verification speed record for anything besides phone, I received the following email from Nokia this morning after submitting my business license last night.
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    Anyone submitting to Nokia Maps?

    Nokia has moved everything to HERE PrimePlaces and they now allow for verification through a post card or business documentation similar to Axciom or your Facebook page (as long as you have atleast 30 likes)
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    Write reviews to local directories

    I would start off with Phil Rozek's "Local Business Reviews Ecosystem" post first. The Local Business Reviews Ecosystem |
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    HOT! Local Search Weather Report - Free Tool!

    Any thoughts on an embeddable widget? I have a tab setup with various SEO and Local SEO RSS feeds and the Mozcast weather widget. It would be cool to have a second widget for just Local SEO weather to add to my SEO Dashboard.
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    Local Business SEO General Microdata WordPress Plugin

    Curious if anybody has used's WordPress Schema Plugin WordPress › Local Business SEO ? WordPress Plugins The part that unnerves me is the "invisible to any visitor." Wouldn't Google consider this a form of cloaking and thus shoot any SEO benefits out the door? It does...
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    Freebase, Google, and Local SEO?

    Thinking in text here. Hypothesis and conjecture ahead! Freebase = semantic web equivalent to = Dmoz? Except owned by Google? Though that's not saying much as DMOZ is owned by AOL Might we be reaching a tipping point where we are going back to centralized databases like Freebase, Factual, aka...
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    Client Moved - Google+ Local shows updated Address but Old Location

    Checked the map data yesterday, and it was the same incorrect public data. Tried to have Google call me back and discovered that they were closed for Columbus data. Went back through their incorrect data tool and discovered that their contact form for Pin location errors now allows you to...
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    Client Moved - Google+ Local shows updated Address but Old Location

    Okay I so I used "report a problem" on or before September 1st to note the Pin was in the wrong location. The address on both sides is correct, the pin on the management side is correct, but the pin on the public side is still the old location. Called Google Places Support this morning and the...
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    Attack of the Bad Google Local One-Boxes!

    For all the data that Google vacuums up, it is really to bad they couldn't chew through bankruptcy proceedings, business licenses applications and renewals, as well as other court proceedings to try and flag businesses that have likely ceased operation and maybe even send an post card to the...
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    This can't be true- Yelp blacklisting local biz?

    It's ultimately up to the client as to what they decide in regards to advertising with Yelp. Therefor there should be no harm or no fowl in you asking the local Yelp rep what the process is to ensure that the business in question is "playing by the rules" and if there is anything they can do...
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    New Style Google Carousel + Giant Videos in Search

    I can just see the antitrust allegations coming for only returning Youtube video results. If this does eventually migrate to local its going to put a whole new focus on encouraging excellent customer service as customers would now be able to tell their story via video. I do wonder though if...
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    Client Moved - Google+ Local shows updated Address but Old Location

    Sorry about that Linda. Its been less than two months but more than two weeks since I edited the address in the Google+ Dash.