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    Effect of name variation on page rank

    Thanks for your input, James. A few questions come to mind. Good point on the redirects. But since the current site will likely be taken down by the current provider once the move is made, how can I accomplish this? Should I recreate all the pages of the current site with their respective 301s...
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    Effect of name variation on page rank

    Via citation cleanup and build-out, I've got a dental client ranking in the 3-pack for some important keywords locally. Their website is one of those cookie-cutter, flat monthly rate sites with boiler plate content, but has decent (if awkward) local SEO metrics, mobile friendliness, and adequate...
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    Heads Up - Google Either Moving OR Removing Search Location Setting

    I'm still seeing location options in FF, Chrome and Safari. If it becomes an issue, one potential work around might be an extension called Location Guard for FF, Chrome and Opera. It's designed as a privacy tool, but includes a feature called Fixed Location that allows you to specify a...
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    New Local 3 Pack Advanced Hack PLUS Speculation: New Style Local Page Coming?

    Hmm. Following the 5-step process, my URL reads, but snipping the long number did get me to the G+ profile page. Pretty bizarre. It's become increasingly difficult to rely on the stability of Google as a venue for marketing local...
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    Ranking for "in" vs "near" <location> vs "near me"

    Ranking for "in" vs "near" <location> vs "near me" Hi all. I've been reading the feed for awhile, but this is my first post. A dental client ranks in the 7 pack for "dentist near city, state<city, state="">" but gets knocked back to an organic listing on page 3 for "dentist in city...