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    Agency Level Efficiencies?

    Thanks @Your_Cedric !
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    Does anyone know any VPN software that has Ottawa ON IP's?

    I don’t but I do live in Ottawa if helpful!
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    Google Tag Manager & Google Ads Tracking on Other Sites?

    @JasonKhoo I've worked with a few third party vendors who claim to be able to work with GTM but I have not had any luck :-(
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    Agency Level Efficiencies?

    Hi y'all :-) I do google ads for a few different agencies and while I have all clients set up in each agencies respective MCC (haven't gone for the Ultra MCC yet LOL), I'm looking for some across the board alerts that I should be setting up. I want to know things like 404 page; ad not running...
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    Explosion of "Direct Traffic"

    Does your client send a newsletter? Often I find the newsletter software is not connected to Google Analytics and therefore comes in as direct. Alternatively you could look at cities from which direct traffic is coming and see if they appear relevant. Entry pages?
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    What makes a directory valuable?

    Interesting... my perspective would have been to build for users first - I do think that reviews are a great way to get user engagement. You could for example, add dentists for free for now and charge them later - that part is easier in my opinion than getting people to use the directory... and...