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    March Core Quality Update - March 12, 2019

    Regarding the recent Google update, we mainly found that there is huge fluctuations in mobile ranking where as desktop rankings have little change only for many keywords. We've covered about it in our blog post Google Core Algorithm Update March 2019: What Happened .Hope it'll be helpful.
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    A client was ranking in the top 3 results on map pack and after web redesign has fallen to 11

    Hi, I was checking your changes in webdesign, it looks like content & features for users (UX) changed completely. The new design looks good, but it lacks page speed in mobile version(just 14). Even the zip code in address is changed. So addressing the page speed & little content optimization...
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    Which Local Citation Sources Let You Specify a Service Area?

    Hi Colan, The above link is not working, giving 403 error. I think the correct one is Which Local Citation Sources Let You Specify a Service Area? | Great sharing @Colan Nielsen
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    Strategies to expand geographic coverage of my Google local search (3 pack)

    Hi David, Yet you've got nice suggestions from industry experts which will surely help you improve your site ranking. But I found some more data which may help you. 1- Google Review Schema is used in the footer section of your site, so coming in Google SERP for many pages which is violating...
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    Entering city name in GMB listing name

    It's not advisable to add city name in GMB business name as per Google guidelines. But practically many businesses are using city name in GMB & getting good rank. I don't think they are getting more positive rank only due to the city name in their GMB business but they must have well optimized...
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    Multi Locations In A City

    I don't think there's any problem in adding GMB in a city with the same name, but you'll have to add some more specific data in GMB like store front street images that will help Google in deciding that the business is not fake. Dominos & KFC have multiple stores in a city. So why we can't have...
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    Looking for thoughts/analysis/articles on the recent algorithm volatility

    Hi Dan, First of all thanks for sharing the Marie Haynes post, it's really a nice one. I think you will also like Glenn Gabe's post The September 27, 2018 Google Algorithm Update And October 4 Tremor – Google Experiments, Relevance, Trust Signals, Reversals, and 'Staying in your lane' He has...
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    Consultants: Competitive Analysis for Local Ranking - What are top factors you check?

    For local search, location of your business is the most important factor. And when determining competition level, the distance between your business location & target city and that of your competitors play a vital role.
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    A New Look and New Software for the Local Search Forum

    Hello Joy, Can you please add a new feature in the profile section " Following" , so that members can see to whom others are following. It'll be helpful to find & follow top members. Thanks.
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    BrightLocal Ranking stopped working as of Sept 9 and they've gone silent about it

    Hello Myles, Am a great fan of BL & using it from last 3 years. It's hard time for your team members now, hope it would be fixed very soon. Thank you.
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    A New Look and New Software for the Local Search Forum

    The new look is nice, simple & clean. Congrats to Joy & all the team members for it.
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    GMB name and company name

    Google guidelines has clearly informed that you should use the real world business name in GMB but many businesses are adding keyword optimized business name and it's very surprising that they are getting good results in Google Places. Even it's inspiring others to follow this technique for...
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    Website Link Removed From Local Packs for Eye Doctors...

    Isn't it the snack pack results Google has been showing since July 2015 ? Mike Blumenthal has already posted about it here .