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    Issues With Getting a Review From Ex Employee Removed on Google

    Respond to it and point out that this is a disgruntled ex-employee?
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    Input for a new article on Page Speed and Mobile Page Speed

    You can PM the link to your website (click on the little envelope icon at the right hand side of your member name in the top navigation bar) and I'll take a quick look. Alternatively, you can check your site's performance at one or more (more is better) of these...
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    Did the June 2019 update bury quack medical sites?

    Agreed. He pushes quack science. Dr. Oz is a real MD too. He also pushes quack science.
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    Suspension not lifted

    It was an programmatic error. Google wasn't intentionally or manually targeting valid sites.
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    The Truth About Domain Authority

    The Truth About Domain Authority: What Every SEO Needs to Understand by Julie Joyce, July 18, 2019 Read more...
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    Forum software upgraded July 18, 2019

    The forum has been upgraded to the latest version of Xenforo. This is primarily a bug-fix release rather than new features. As always, please post anything you see that seems to be unusual here.
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    Facebook Page Merging advice

    Seems to you're going to need to get Facebook support to intervene here.
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    Facebook Page Merging advice

    @msialer, to clarify, are you talking about trying to set up a Facebook pager?
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    Is having "inc" at the end of the brand an issue?

    Does anyone ever search for {company} inc? I wouldn't think so.
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    Shortnames causing suspensions: could it be because of Google's proposed shortname?

    Google says shortnames bug resolved, local listings restored Search Engine Land July 15, 2019 Read more...
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    Issue with Google Reviews Disappearing

    Google shortnames and the case of the disappearing reviews by Greg Sterling, Search Engine Land July 12, 2019 Read more...
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    Did the June 2019 update bury quack medical sites?

    Google Broad Core Updates And Why Some Health Sites Affected by Roger Montti, Search Engine Journal July 11, 2019 Read more...
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    Google claims progress on fake business listings on Maps

    "With increased power comes increased responsibility..."
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    Age of domain name or content irrelevant to Google ranking

    Old Domains Don't Benefit You In Google Nor Do New Domains by Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Roundtable July 8, 2019 Read more...
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    Suspension - First one in a long time

    Their attitude does seem to be quite cavalier sometimes. Is "Don't be evil" still their motto?
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    Did the June 2019 update bury quack medical sites?

    See also and
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    Would you change the name of a listing that is not optimized?

    It's the Canada Day long weekend here, @vinchenson (July 1). The US will also be celebrating Independence Day on July 4. A lot of our Local SEO Experts will be away and offices will be c,losed for those two holidays.