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    Goodbye, GetListed. Hello, Moz Local!

    Well, it's hard to say. Their individual distribution lists aren't public, but you can use their published data to make an educated guess. Like looking at this comparison site: you can see what each of the feeds would provide individually...
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    Goodbye, GetListed. Hello, Moz Local!

    Knowing how my current relationship works with these aggregators, I would expect distribution to take 60-90 days and then quarterly citation growth. Since this service doesn't have citation distribution reporting, you would need to use something like Brightlocal Citation reporting, or Whitespark...
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    New Look to Google SERPS?

    Interesting. I wonder how long before there is a promoted local listing in the Google SERPS? I know that you can have the location extensions in adwords, but I'm surprised it hasn't been looked at and/or tested at all.
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    LocalEze- Channel Partner Program- Yay or Nay

    I'll be honest we started with localeze reselling late last year and saw some great returns, distributions already. We put them in and tracked with white spark and brightlocal to test the difference. I saw listings for 1 location pass 300 citations this month, it was very cool to say the least...
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    Title odd in 7-pack

    It surprised me as well, which is why I thought I would drop by and see if it was a trend or not. :D For now, it looks like they are testing a lot of different versions.
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    Title odd in 7-pack

    Hi Linda, I snagged this one today. The places page removed the company name and showed the title tag instead. Edit: KW: in home care henderson nv, geo: henderson, nv
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    SEO Tool or Toolbar that Shows ACTUAL Title Tag in SERPSs?

    Hi Linda! I've been playing with NerdyData - A Search Engine for Source Code lately. It won't give you the titles based on serps, but I've found it helpful in sizing up title tags for new (keyword,geo) keywords. Let me know if you find something better though! I also like it if I want to spy on...
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    Title odd in 7-pack

    Does Google explain why the sudden shift to show the homepage title tag rather than the company name from the places page? Is the goal to kill the meta description? This kind of spoils brand authority in places when you replace the company name with the title tag, and remove the meta...
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    Local Search Ranking Factors 2013

    I thought that reviews being #3 really confirmed my suspicions on their importance. Now to do the review dance without promoting it.
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    Google Local Carousel - OFFICIALLY Launched!

    I was thinking this as well, until I realized that they just introduced map ads. How long do you think until promoted pages, and promoted locations are included in the first spot? It seems pretty logical to me. They're building value into a new revenue stream, and forcing us to pay attention...
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    Google Maps Update - Shifts the Rankings, Impacts Local SEO

    I was testing it this morning, and I was able to get it to show up for "things to do in City, State" I don't think that it's a far stretch to consider this being rolled out to any search with local intent over the course of the next year, and from Google's perspective, this adds value to the...
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    Local SEO Rock Stars Google+ Hangout

    I'm curious why he doesn't like saying the words "local search"... They're kind of a big deal.
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    Bing Launches New "Places for Business" Dashboard. Can you say Copy Cat?

    Re: Bing Launches New "Places for Business" Dashboard. Can you say Copy Cat? No Phil, The categories are still all there! Maybe I have it wrong in my notes.
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    Bing Launches New "Places for Business" Dashboard. Can you say Copy Cat?

    Re: Bing Launches New "Places for Business" Dashboard. Can you say Copy Cat? This is a much nicer dashboard, although occasionally it will throw an error saying that you can not edit the address and phone number at the same time. Otherwise this was a much cleaner, faster process. One of the...
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    Total Impressions dropped for all my clients!

    To add to this, I've seen a lot of changes around the Feb 19th, Feb 18th dates as well. The biggest change that I've seen however is a dramatic drop in branded traffic on internal pages. While most of it has been routed back to the home page, it's an interesting tidbit to note.