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    1 service area business, 1 "office", 2 phones, 2 GMB listings. Merge without losing reviews?

    The 2 GMB listings cover 4 counties, 2 each. The second one has been created a few years back and helped prop up the business in those 2 counties. Rankings are now dropping. If we merge both, would we lose the reviews on the 2nd listing? Just to describe the office: It's the business owner's...
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    Spammy Content Generator. What Are The Downsides?

    @Phil Rozek That plugin makes it very cheap to produce landing pages for every town, suburb or zip code. My assumption is that there's only a trickle if there are just not enough people looking for that service. I don't know if there are numbers out there how many people won't click a search...
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    Spammy Content Generator. What Are The Downsides?

    I came across a content generator plugin today that creates a swath of pages by selecting a set of paragraphs out of a larger set of text on the subject. It gets combined with a title creator who creates combinations of keywords and locations for a local service area company. Result...
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    Google referral spam - decreasing?

    It seems to be back. Guess they found another way around Google's spam protections.
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    Google referral spam - decreasing?

    Yes, I see that as well for the clients where I didn't create filters.
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    Moving Location and Changing from Storefront to SAB

    Looking for some advice how to handle this scenario: A well established carpet cleaning business (25 reviews) is moving 10 miles away further away from the city center (old location was already 10 miles off center). While doing this, they stop accepting dropped off area rugs and focus on...