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    Social Media Icons in GMB Profile - the recipe

    @Tim Colling have you discovered anything new on this topic? I have some businesses that are just stuck with a lone Twitter icon.
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    Anyone else seeing huge traffic spikes?

    So I understand, in the below search on Google maps for "Los Angeles", each icon (identified by the arrows as examples and others I didn't note) would count as a view in this search, correct?
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    Unexplained spike in GMB Views?

    Thanks! Only minor corresponding map views upticks on those two days.
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    Unexplained spike in GMB Views?

    Are there known rank trackers that will run up the map views? All? Some? Mixed bag? Thanks!
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    Unexplained spike in GMB Views?

    Also seeing huge spike in GMB Insights. Plus corresponding oddity in Photo Views. Adding a related thread:
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    Huge Spike In Views & Searches Around September '19 Algo Update

    We are also seeing increases this month. Just starting to dig into this and would love to know if anyone has heard more about this.
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    GMB Dashboard Data Highly Inflated -- Related to Barry Schwartz Inflated Impressions Article

    Hello all! Looking for some input or to see if anyone knows more about anything Google is taking action on as a result of the spike in search impressions related to Barry's post here Google Is Investigating Spike In Impressions & Queries I work in automotive and we've seen similar spikes in...
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    Verified Listings Showing as Unverified?

    Hi! We've just seen this happen for one of our automotive dealerships -- Initially showed as claimed (which it is) -- then shows as unclaimed -- and now back to normal.
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    Trending GMB Q&A Gone Missing?

    Also saw mine show up finally.
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    Trending GMB Q&A Gone Missing?

    Yes, also seeing this. Here's an example when the question shows in the featured Q&A section of desktop. There is an answer to this specific question but it is listed as (No answers)
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    Edit Q&A Response as Owner

    Hello! Yes, the owner can edit the response posted as the owner. Click into the question and you should be able to click the three vertical dots to edit your response. Not entirely sure about the answer notification for users.
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    Search Console - Mobile Avg. Position Change for GMB tagged URL - June 1

    Thanks so much @DanLeibson and @JoyHawkins! Yes, definitely interested in what they say also.
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    Search Console - Mobile Avg. Position Change for GMB tagged URL - June 1

    Looking for some insights into mobile average position free-fall for GMB-tagged URL in GSC on or around June 1. I'm seeing this in multiple accounts and mainly for brand name. This feels more like a change in how things are reported in GSC, but feels like a really late rollout from the canonical...
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    Sanity Check - GMB Posts Appearance Google Maps

    Someone confirm this with me please? And if this is accurate, anyone know the date when GMB posts stopped appearing on mobile Google Maps website? Or did they never appear here and because I'm a heavy Google Maps app user on mobile I never noticed? Example Search Query Used: Midas Kauai...
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    Tutorial for Learning Google My Business API?

    I learn best by following along with a tutorial. Although I'm able to read through the Google Developers GMB API guide, it would be really helpful if someone had a walk-through. Anyone come across any online courses/excellent tutorials they'd care to share?:)