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    Impact on GMB profile on traffic

    You do need to tag that URL with UTMs to get a better reading of how many people are actually coming from that page. I see GMB often get categorized into direct/(none) and once the parameters are live; that's usually the first drop I see. I can definitely believe a traffic drop occurred...
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    Impact on GMB profile on traffic

    Is that graph "All Users" (e.g., all traffic sources)? Just trying to make sure there wasn't a different segment applied.
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    Google Smart (AdWords Express) questions

    My take on AW express is that I always opt to go for the full Ads interface. I like to have control over the campaign, the conversion tracking, who the ads serve to and when. You're definitely using broad match keywords, and likely a search/display hybrid campaign. Not ideal in my opinion...
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    Creating City Pages

    As Phil said, making pages alone will not work. You need a solid strategy (onpage and offpage) to get those to work. It's not the number of pages, it's what you do with each page. "Search Marketing New York" would be very tough. Unless you find keywords with very small search volume in...
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    Customer Heat Map

    @JoshuaMackens - would Google MyMap pins work for your situation? Wouldn't necessarily be a heat map, but could create a custom map and embed as a public map. I've played around with this for other projects and they've turned out pretty good. Used this tool to create an embedded map and used the...
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    Creating City Pages

    They do work, but there's a lot of dependencies. Like having local pages in every other industry (or country) there is a right and wrong way to do them. The forum is full of threads about this topic, so I recommend searching around and jumping into threads that fit your situation the best...
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    How to get a DNS-verified Search Console domain to connect with Google Analytics?

    To what Phil said, you need the right permissions for the linking options to show up. Check that you have ownership over the GSC account (not full or partial access) and the ability to edit/manage at the property level. If you don't have ownership of GSC, then you either need someone to delegate...
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    Postcards not arriving

    Two questions... 1. What industry are these SABs in? 2. Where are they trying to send the postcards (e.g., their house)?