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    Are Virtual Offices Now Acceptable on Google???

    Thanks Linda, it's completely understandable how you can game the system like that, but how about when an attorney really rents out a place at these offices in order to make it more accessible for their clients that are in that area? It doesn't seem fair that you would get penalized for listing...
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    Are Virtual Offices Now Acceptable on Google???

    We saw a listing for a virtual office space (Collonade Executive Suite) that lists out multiple businesses at that one location: Is this something that anyone else has noticed? Is Google permitting businesses to use virtual offices now...
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    Of Counsel Attorney Question

    We have an interesting situation that we could use your expert opinions on. There is a law firm (firm A) that is going to “of counsel” another lawyer (firm B) who is in their suite and doing marketing with another site w/social, etc. using their exact same address and suite number. They have a...
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    Google Service Areas

    Should lawyers utilize the service area option on their Google listings? They can do house visits but also have an office where clients can come to them.
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    Ranking Nationally and Locally with an 888 phone number

    We're trying to rank nationally and locally. We have an (888) area code phone number and also a local number. Which number should we use as the primary number for listings? Is it possible to use our (888) phone number as the primary and still rank locally?