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    "Claim this knowledge panel?" Sorry if repost

    There I am, minding my own business just trying to log into a vendor site, when I see that lil tidbit on the page. Has anyone else seen this? Is it simply a GMB sort of thing or no?
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    Heads Up - Google Either Moving OR Removing Search Location Setting

    still seeing it in the normal area of Chrome, on windows. Omaha, Nebraska. I havent seen any changes to it at all. I don't use other browsers. Is that sad?
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    Google Business Forum: Moving to New Google Advertiser Community & New Platform

    Re: Google Business Forum: Moving to New Google Advertiser Community & New Platform Well, what a perfect time to make my grand entrance.
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    Google My Business & GMBL Update Rolling Out Now - Better Nav/UI

    I spent all day in the dashboard (insights etc) for reporting. I definitely didn't see it. However, I CAN'T EVEN CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT TO EXPERIENCE IT!:):):)
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    FAQFox Local Content Generation Idea Stimulating Tool

    LINDA!!! This is so so so amazing and really helps! Wow. I can't wait to share this with the team. Literally like you answered my prayers!
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    No more manual verification via Google+ Local support

    This is frustrating at best. How exactly does this mitigate spam? Shouldn't operators be following certain protocol from the google side to ensure spam isn't happening on the phone as well as the web?
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    Local Finder Photo Optimization Tips

    Re: Fixing Ugly Local Finder Photos So far for our experience, if you take the time to organize the photos into the proper areas, i.e. Exterior, interior, at work etc...then the photos will be better optimized for view.
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    Explaining Your Local SEO Service to Prospects That Dont Have a Clue about SEO

    Actually been trying to figure out how to so this recently. Im not so much of a "on my feet thinker," or a salesman, but there is obviously an intrinsic value in being able to tell anyone SMB owner or not, why what my team does is important.
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    New Local 3 Stack: Local Pro Opinions Roundup on the Change that Rocked our World

    Linda I just wanted to throw my article into the mix. I make mention of the Google Get Your Business Online Workshops, and try to tie it into the G+ link demotion.
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    New Change: Google Removing Unverified Listings July 28th

    I wonder how much of this coincides with google's "Get your Business Online" workshops being held nationally. An attempt to clean up bad data and replace it with good, more accurate data. Have y'all looked into these workshops at all?
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    New Google My Business Guidelines for Authorized Representatives

    I think it's a great reminder that our jobs as SEO's is to do the least wrong in our ongoing efforts. Build naturally, don't use shady manipulations. I'm sure I will get the wrath of google haters with that comment, but why try to trick the system when we can use very accessible methods to...
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    5 Tricky Citation Sources Most SMBs and Local Consultants Don't Think Of

    Welllll, that makes me feel....a bit silly. *Reminds self to check dates like a normal person.
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    5 Tricky Citation Sources Most SMBs and Local Consultants Don't Think Of

    Wha wha whaaat? Craigslist for citations? tell!
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    Google Business View Rebrands (Again) PLUS More Maps Changes

    I have to believe that "Trusted" wasn't at all accidental. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
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    Need opinions about

    I'm looking into using Synup to supplement the other tools, not replace them per se. At the end of the day manual citation building has to be a part of the process. None of the tools you use are going to know a local landscape the same as a human...right? I dunno. I think if you're looking for...