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    (Local) SEO Client Questionnaire to Download and Use

    Hi guys, A resourceful thread here. I have found a "SEO Questionnaire" created by Jill Whalen and wanted to try and add some value to the thread, so thought I'd share it with you guys! Here it is. I love Jills work, shes a thorough leader and will be missed. Thanks to all of you guys for ALL...
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    Why Great LOCAL SEO Is Expensive - Infographic

    This is one of those info+text-graphics that deserved far more content.
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    Must Have Local Search Tactics SMX West 2013 #SMX

    Really awesome share lynda..I really enjoyed it!
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    Location in page title

    Re: Location in page Title What you're doing should be just fine. I don't see anything spammy at all about that. Though something you should pay attention to when working with page titles is: Hope this helps, gregory smith
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    Local Search In Other Countries

    Nyagoslav Zhekov i would like to applaud you, for your amazing content. You are one heck of a writer and your research is supurb. Thank you for your time in what you do!
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    How Long to get Local SEO Ranking Results? Answers Inside

    Seems all clients ask this question...I suppose if I was a Local SEO, I would'nt know any better but to ask it too! great job, gregory smith
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    One Company Wanting to Rank for Several Unique Services

    I'm happy to see such useful information on this forum. Never really thought it'd add up to much - but wow! I'm surprised to see such value here. I look forward to flowing through more of the threads, to see what you guys have going on. thanks for the info guys, gregory smith