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    More Places to become More Businesses ?

    no change for grocery industry.
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    Calling All Power People in this Group... (You'll Know First)

    I noticed them in our accounts last Friday, June 21.
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    Verbiage on Unclaimed GMB pages: "Own this business?" (KP) / "Claim this business" (Maps) vs. "Manage this listing"

    Interesting choice of language. I thought it implied anyone could manage/claim my already claimed/verified business locations. Thank you for the info @Colan Nielsen
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    Suggest an edit · Manage this listing

    Hmm, this must be very recent, I'm in out of GMB and our Profiles all day every day. Thank you.
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    Suggest an edit · Manage this listing

    No, I don't believe they are @Phil Rozek because when I'm in my GMB account in the Info view, select View On Search I am navigated to this business profile in search results. I pinged GMB FB help too.
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    Suggest an edit · Manage this listing

    I'm seeing Suggest an edit · Manage this listing in several of my business profiles. All of our listings are claimed, I double checked our GMB accounts and no issues there. Why would this occur? More importantly how do we remove the prompt for Manage this listing? Thank you.
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    Easy to use and affordable, excellent customer service, however the downside for us is they cannot yet support locations that Google determines to be franchise locations. Evaluating DBA Platform now for Photos and Posts, considering Review Trackers for review administration tools.
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    2019 MNSearch Summit

    Certainly should, it was auto populated when I pasted the link. A meta title issue perhaps.
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    2019 MNSearch Summit

    June 21 in St Paul MN, hope to see you there! 2019 MnSearch Summit