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    What is Currently on Your SEO Tool Belt?

    Bightlocal Yext Tableau for reporting and little soft I found lately: Local Scraper - Lead Generation Software I use it to find all the crap I need to cleanup on GoogleMaps
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    Google+ Links & Reviews Stripped from the Branded SERPs Now Too

    Well that changes nothing in the mobile SERPs, the KG is still taking the whole screen. I think local directories might be able to take couple more clicks from desktop SERPs and survive a little longer :)
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    Images in the Local SERPs - 2 More New Google Local Displays Being Tested

    In Canada, the organic listings under the KG seems to load the branded SERP of the business name, unless the business name is a generic word. the organic listings are limited to 5. The Local Finder is definitely the most significant update this time, once a user clicks in the Local Stack, he...
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    Adding a youtube channel to a multi-location business

    You have to upload the videos to each local listing, unless you create a youtube account for each location
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    New Google Local 3 Pack Shake-Up: Definitive Overview - All You Need to Know

    I think Google is definitely moving to a Pay per Play model like you said, all the Local stacks in competitive verticals will become paid at some point. but I think the new changes in the click flow on desktop and the GPS tracking they can do on mobile devices will eventually be used to...
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    Google+ Listings update troubleshooting

    Thanks Linda, The profiles were updated 1 month ago and were fully approved after 1 week. When I said not showing up, I was referring to the new information (description, categories) we added to the listings. The Google listings are ranking well in both Map and Search, but with the old...
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    Google+ Listings update troubleshooting

    Hi there, We updated 500+ stores in Google Places, all business profiles were activated (Google reviewed and accepted the new descriptions etc...) But the new store information is still not showing in the SERPs and Map search. I was wondering if any of you guys had the same issue and if you...