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    Multiple websites linking to main site

    Same owner having multiple sites with reciprocal linking. For example, the main site is, another site is and another is All the same owner with reciprocal links from the main site to each of the "child" sites. Content is not...
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    Multiple websites linking to main site

    I'm sure this topic has probably been discussed here before, but I haven't been able to find anything after searching. I'm constantly seeing competitors of my client with multiple sites all linking back to their main site. All of these sites are very professional and for the most part don't...
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    Personal Trainer local ranking issues

    The best way to clean up your link profile is to try to get the links removed by contacting the website owners where the links originate. That's the quickest way to recover. If you can't get the links removed, you will need to resort to disavowing the links in Google's Webmaster tool. Usually...