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    Getting Option to Add Products For GMB

    Hi Colan, I've researched this issue for my client and can't seem to find an answer. Do you know if Products are only limited to certain categories? My client's competitor has a different primary category set than does my client (and it's more precise for their product offerings, so I'm going...
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    Another business is using my client's name - best course of action?

    Hello! My client emailed me after a customer called to inquire about their products - in a city they don't do business in. The caller pointed them to a GMB listing bearing their name. Zooming in on street view, I can see that it's a competitor who is using their name and website on the listing...
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    Category for administrative offices for a business?

    That looks like a good match! Thank you!
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    Category for administrative offices for a business?

    Hello! My client is a large construction-related company. They have GMB profiles for each of their offices that directly offers construction services, and then they have entries for their administrative offices that don't directly offer construction services, but deal more in paperwork and the...