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    How to list a mobile business that doesn't have a fixed address

    To add to @Phil Rozek 's point, I helped a friend who had a mobile cat cafe (yeup! a Mobile Cat Cafe) with her listing. We used her address to get the postcard, but the address is hidden so it's not shown publicly. She got the postcard no problem.
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    Google Tag Manager & Google Ads Tracking on Other Sites?

    @JoshuaMackens That's a really interesting work around, I may have to try it. I'm trying to work with the third party company but I don't think they understand what we are trying to do. I just sent another email and hoping that I can request they do what @Conor Treacy recommended. If that...
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    Classic Client Problem - Not Keeping Up with Content

    Thanks @JoyHawkins , I'll give linkbuilding a look into. Hopefully can drum up something!
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    Classic Client Problem - Not Keeping Up with Content

    Hi Guys, I'm experiencing a classic consultant problem. I advise a marketing agency on their own agency's SEO. So far I've had a great tenure with them, had them for a year and a half. They have seen a large improvement in their search rankings and their traffic and KPI's look great!! Saying...
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    Local Search Events

    @JoshuaMackens I went to my first local seo conference in Santa Monica. It was LocalU. I really liked it. It was only one day, but now it motivated me to go to more conferences. Looking on the site, seems like there is another happening in Austin. I'm in the process of booking for Mozcon...