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    Questions & Answers

    Hi All Just wondering if there are any solutions out there that allow Google Questions & Answers to be posted at scale. An ideal solution would be one that allows you to create templated content centrally that you can push out to multiple locations. Any suggestions please? Thank you in advance
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    Google My Business CID codes?

    Hi All Just wondering if anyone out there knows how to extract location CID codes from Google My Business? With the CIDs, I am looking to create a spreadsheet that lists all the locations in my GMB account. And within this I woud also like to add in a direct link to each location's dashboard...
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    Crawling Apple Maps Connect?

    Hi All, This is my first post on this excellent forum, so hope someone can assist. I am responsible for managing the local search activity for a large multi-location, multi-brand company and currently carrying out a citations clean-up on Apple Maps Connect. Are there any tools or providers...