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    Backlink not showing on Google Console

    Yeah, I generally wouldn't worry about that, but if you are, link to South Melbourne Market's page from somewhere else. I mean, other than the one in your original post. :)
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    How to interlink between 6 pages?

    Google hasn't put an explicit cap on the number of city pages. You'll see diminishing returns before you see any kind of penalty, so we usually build them out as part of our ongoing campaigns. Build a page or two, wait for them to rank, then build one or two more. Larger sites with bigger link...
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    Is there a business or service provider that fights GMB spam?

    Same. Our clients have responded really well to that service in particular. :)
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    Adding MORE photos to a GMB profile - - any value

    I'm sure there is some diminishing return to uploading all of those, but it also shouldn't take that long to actually do, and it's just one more place where you can crush the competition. At the very least it could make a good experiment. Just make sure you're tracking your GMB website URL.
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    New Feature >> Got an email from Google >> New! Earn Local Guides points for amazing lists

    I just got that notification too, but it's not a new feature by any stretch.
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    How Hard Is It to Outrank Yelp and Other Directory Websites in the SERPs?

    You should definitely balance them out between barnacle SEO and optimizing the individual websites. Some people are always going to go directly to Yelp, and you should be there when they do. And other people are going to avoid it like the plague and go to the first SMB website instead, so you...