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    Best Approach to Claiming Yelp for Enterprise Organizations

    Wow, lol. That's insane. Yext would be way cheaper with your discounted rate. Can you come back with a quote from Yext if you get one?
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    Create a short name & URL for your business

    I have to agree with some people in the comments on the post. This is what they did instead of fighting map spam? I mean, just take keywords in the business name out of the picture. How much dev time does that require?
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    Best Approach to Claiming Yelp for Enterprise Organizations

    For 500-1000 locations that's tough. I have heard and experienced the same thing charkins mentioned which is after a certain amount (10 according to charkins' post) you have to pay. You can claim 1 by 1 with a different email for each one. You can also use the period trick to use one email...
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    Dynamic Number Swapping (Call Tracking) Being Crawled By Google On Website

    It definitely could. I don't know how to exclude swap targets so that the dynamic number insertion ignores the footer. Do you use Callrail?
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    Trouble moving my website up in rank.

    Google isn't going to come out and tell you what is spam and what is not. That's just giving the spammers the ability to navigate around it. So you always need to be careful of running afoul of invisible spam traps. With that being said, I am not saying doing this is 100% spam. It may not be...
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    Trouble moving my website up in rank.

    There is no evidence currently that using service areas changes anything in Google Maps. They may be headed that direction but they're not there yet unless something has changed in the last 1-2 weeks. If anything, something like that could seem spammy to Google. I'm doing my own test as we...
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    Dynamic Number Swapping (Call Tracking) Being Crawled By Google On Website

    I sent in a support request. I'll try to update the thread with the reply.
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    Postcards not arriving

    Definitely report back and let us know!
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    Should I get rid of this high traffic page on my website?

    If the traffic has zero conversions in 3 years, then I tend to agree with you. It's not valuable. I'm also not sure how you could even repurpose that traffic beneficially. There may be a link I'm missing. However, I don't think it's detracting from your ranking (I could be wrong). Someone...
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    New Dynamic BBB Logo

    Yeah, not workable.
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    1 dentist at 1 dental office

    I would start off with just one listing. Practice Name: Doctor Name Splitting reviews between the two can be cumbersome. You basically have to get 2x as many reviews. Plus, two listings may mean they compete with each other. Just more headaches. If the doctor gets other practitioners later on...
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    Trouble moving my website up in rank.

    Editorials on the website with a backlink.
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    Personalization in Map Pack?

    Ask them to send you a screenshot of what they're seeing. Many times clients say one thing but don't know technology well enough to know they're doing another. I have people tell me about a certain set of search results only to find out they're using Bing and they don't know it.
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    Google Reviews Monitoring

    Understood. I haven't had those same issues for the most part. But I don't blame you for moving on at all. If I was facing those issues I probably would have as well. The frustrating thing about both companies, I will say, is that the review sharing on your website is not elegant at all. I've...
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    Google Reviews Monitoring

    Good to know. My experience with support has been different. I wouldn't say their support is superb but it's serviceable. They usually reply to me within 24 hours. I've always thought both services offer the same benefits. Plus my profiles on are insanely cheap because I have a legacy...
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    Google Bug Removing Pages From Index

    Pretty interesting and intelligent observation imo. Not sure it's true. But it's still creative, nonetheless.
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    Page load speed a ranking factor in mobile search: Benefits

    I wonder if Google will start releasing more information like this about the algorithm as they see more people do what they want them to do haha.
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    Classic Client Problem - Not Keeping Up with Content

    You might need to have a firm, direct conversation with the decision maker here. That's honestly your best bet. But that conversation is nuanced and can be difficult to nail. But still, that's my suggestion.
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    Google Reviews Monitoring

    Grade.Us should get a mention but we don't have any clients with that many locations.
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    Google My Business Post Scheduler

    Do they notify of Q&A? What about business info changing? Like tracking phone number on GMB listing changing?
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    Google Bug Removing Pages From Index

    Now that is slightly concerning. But can't say it's not possible. Where did you hear that?
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    Search Ranking Reports?

    I have to agree. Bright Local's reports need to be much more simplistic for clients. They're in a weird spot where the reports aren't technical enough for internal reporting but not basic enough for external reporting. I've tried to mention this to them several times but I guess my feedback...
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    New Google Search Commands - Before: and After:

    Wow! That is awesome! I think it just replaces their historical search thing they used to be but it seems a little more versatile. I like it!
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    Dynamic Number Swapping (Call Tracking) Being Crawled By Google On Website

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I checked my client's cache on Google and Google is crawling the dynamic number swap on there. We have it swap when someone visits from Google. I guess Googlebot is coming from Google because sure enough, the number is switched. You might want to throw...
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    Local Search Events

    +1 for Nashville also!
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    Local Search Events

    Just registered! Wish it was during the ski season though. Would love to double up on that :) Nice, Rich! Thanks!
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    Local Search Events

    SMX East looked interesting. I also will probably attend Local SEO ones but I think the next one from LocalU is next year?
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    Local Search Events

    Man, these conferences are super expensive. Any tips to get cheaper pricing? Early bird?
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    Trouble moving my website up in rank.

    It's hard to know with brand mentions. However, most of the time you have a brand mention because they won't link to you. If that's the case, that's all you can do and a brand mention is better than nothing. See if they'll mention your location in your brand, that way Google can tie them...
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    Possible conflict of building duplicate citations

    You would hope. We would also hope Google would have made more sophisticated local algorithm improvements to the point that keywords in a business name wouldn't skyrocket someone's local ranking. But that hasn't happened. Google is a mixed back when it comes to innovation. Local seems to be...
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    Search Ranking Reports?

    Love it. Considering clients' CRM preference will be all over the place, am I understanding you correctly that you'll take the time to work with each one to dig through phone numbers you recorded as leads and match them with a real dollar value in their CRM? If so, does that take a ton of time?
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    Trouble moving my website up in rank.

    Hey Jim, A few thoughts: 1) I didn't see a link in the article. Others have links in there though and they are followed. Reach out to them and ask for a retro link. 2) Your link on is nofollowed. 3) If you just got the backlink in February, sometimes it takes...
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    Best Way to Rank for Nearby City

    At this point, those listings aren't hurting you. You can leave them there. But if you ever need to declutter, I wouldn't be afraid to delete them. Glad everything worked out! :)
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    Search Ranking Reports?

    How are you projecting revenue for them Eric? Are you doing an initial conversation about lifetime value of a customer, lead close ratio and calculating from there?
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    Yelp now filters reviews with check-ins

    Great info here. Thanks guys!
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    GMB Map Embed in Footer vs Landing Page

    It won't affect first paint but it still registers with Google pagespeed tool I believe. I've had a lot of web devs comment that a picture is best to use in place of the map.
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    Search Ranking Reports?

    I always post this but I'll vouch for Places Scout. I've used BrightLocal and while we have used them for their high level overview, automated reports, we use Places Scout internally to do deep ranking dives and competitor analysis. It's expensive but worth every penny.
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    Is Yext worth the cost??

    We get this question all the time and no, it's not worth it for a small business or an SEO working for a small business to use Yext. The cost over the long run compounds vs manual building and if you cancel, you lose your listings. Over 5 years you'll have paid Yext ~$2,500. In 5 years you'll...
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    Google Images Ads back?

    Anyone know anything about this?
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    Import data from Google My Business in Bing Places for Business

    There could be a ranking boost on Bing, you never know. But it seems to be for the convenience of managing your listing on Bing.
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    Social Icons are Back on Local Knowledge Panels

    I just skimmed the thread so I may be telling you something you already know but your best bet is sameas in schema markup.
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    Dramatic bounce rate change tied to GTM

    Weird. Did they misapply the GA code in Tag Manager? Or is 85% their bounce rate?
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    The Google Backlash: Ahrefs to start new search engine

    Distrust of Google, privacy concerns, political leanings. It's actually never been more ripe for a competing search engine and it only grows every day. If there were another search engine apples to apples with Google but gave me my privacy back, I'd take it. However, that will be the problem...
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    Huge Change for Service Area Businesses in Google My Business

    Since it doesn't currently affect anything, I wouldn't try that. GMB is fickle. You never know what can get you in trouble. And since it won't help currently, the risk vs reward is extremely low.
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    Best Way to Rank for Nearby City

    Dunedin may not be as competitive but Clearwater is somewhat competitive. Enough to where I wouldn't think onpage optimization would be enough. However, it still needs to be done, as mentioned by brettmandoes. I'm not sure how you can get YouTube back but I imagine it's under the same email as...
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    Possible conflict of building duplicate citations

    There could be an issue if the names are similar and the industries are connected. We had a painter and roofer (granted, probably 5 years ago) that went by "*** Painting" and "*** Roofing" where the *** were the same name. So, for instance, "Quality Painting" and "Quality Roofing". Out of the...
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    Nearby Now

    Interesting. Not sure I see a use case where I would use them though. Is anyone using them? Can anyone enlighten me?
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    Best Way to Rank for Nearby City

    It's a great method, a standard SEO practice in fact, but in Clearwater FL the competition is somewhat high. So someone doing that to one of their pages (an inner page, not the homepage) vs a practice who did that to their homepage, the dentist optimizing the inner page will not outrank the...
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    Acquiring Business - Merging GMB & Reviews

    Yeah, Yan nailed it. That's what you should do.
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    Conversions From DuckDuckGo Are on the Rise

    DDG more than likely has a much higher trust factors with its user base than Google does. That might be driving the conversions. After all, they switched to DDG more than likely over security concerns. So if they're concerned about security enough to switch to a search engine that isn't as...
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    Best Way to Rank for Nearby City

    Unfortunately, if they want to rank in Clearwater, their only way through is organic. And that will be a tough uphill climb. You've got dentists in Clearwater focusing their full efforts on ranking in Clearwater vs this dentist who only is dedicating one page to it. It is possible but the...
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    Nearby Now

    So it just facilitates reviews? And Google no longer has a "check in" option for local businesses, correct? So I guess they just mean their own custom check in?
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    March Core Quality Update - March 12, 2019

    Interesting industry. I guess this falls under the "Your Life" portion of YMYL. I would say it is unrelated period but if you got hit on the YMYL update, it has to be related I would think.
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    Tool to Find Keyword Search Volumes for a Small Town?

    Gotcha, then Eric is right. Ads is probably the only way to tell. A very rough way to do that, if you're comparing towns to one another, is via population. The more people, the more they need a service. However, if you're not comparing locations (ie to see which ones you should tackle vs...
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    Pediatrics & ortho using same office space

    I believe so. Your real concern here would be ranking though, as Google could see them as competing. The wisdom here at the forum that I've read (I've never had this issue) is that both listings need to have a different primary category and no overlapping categories, that way they don't...
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    The Google Backlash: Ahrefs to start new search engine

    The reason Google is Google is because it answers people's questions quicker and better than any other search engine. They are able to do this because of how much money they make, being able to invest in the best people and the best infrastructure. That's why Bing, even though everyone knows it...
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    Tool to Find Keyword Search Volumes for a Small Town?

    I would look at the closest big city and extrapolate from there. This won't give you exact search volume but you don't need to know exact search volume, correct? You just need to know which search term gets more searches than others. This will get you pretty close. Then, once you're ranking...
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    What makes a directory valuable?

    If you have to choose, you're absolutely right. But hopefully you don't have to! If the site is well done, both parties should be interested.
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    Multi Location: Home Page Competing with Location Page

    Hey Caroline, Can you share the website and the keywords you're looking at? And I don't think they're competing with each other. The lack of ranking isn't due to that more than likely. We have clients doing this all of the time.