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    Has anyone seen improved rankings from doing GMB posts consistently?

    Hey Bryan, Two questions. First, the item in "interesting finds", is that not a blog (not a Google Post) that it links to? Second, does this ultimate checklist exist on your client's website?
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    New Dynamic BBB Logo

    Hey @BBBGuy, Thanks so much for chiming in. My client had a generic BBB logo on his site (the one that says he's accredited and had an a+ rating) but was told he must remove it from his site and replace it with this seal one. All of the options for the seal had a "click here" message so...
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    GMB listings not associating with address pages

    Right? I was surprised by this as well. Super smart guy - I'm glad I asked him :)
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    GMB listings not associating with address pages

    Hey Annika, I asked one of the Maps Product Experts this question. He goes by the name treebles on the Maps forum. What he replied with was definitely news to me and I wanted to share here. "There is no way for users to get their business to appear in the At this location feature. The Maps...
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    Multiple reviews from customers are not displaying on client's GMB profile. Nothing for 9 months.

    Hey! Mike Blumenthal was recently looking into a case of another school that was having a very similar issue. I would guess that there is something going on right now with listings for schools & getting reviews. Mike asked Google about it so I'll let you know when we hear back.
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    Hospice "Medical Director" duplicate listings with practitioners

    Google probably wouldn't care about the naming at all. I'd say it will be tough to get rid of them. You basically have to somehow prove the practitioners don't work at that office.
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    Fake Maps

    It shouldn't take longer than a couple weeks. If you're sending that many at a time, I'd probably suggest breaking them up into smaller batches. Maybe send 25 at a time and see if you get better results.
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    GMB listings not associating with address pages

    Maybe I'll make this my next case study to do after I finish the giant one I'm doing right now on what influences place labels on Google Maps. At this point, I've never heard a good answer for this.
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    Hospice "Medical Director" duplicate listings with practitioners

    Hey Tim, Do those physicians actually work out of the hospice agency at any point? It's common for practitioners to work out of more than one office so Google is okay with them having a listing at the hospice and also their own practice provided the hours reflect when they're at that office.
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    Has anyone seen improved rankings from doing GMB posts consistently?

    I would say it's worth the effort if all the other major-impact tasks are checked off the list already. We don't always do posts right away for new clients because we have more important things to do first that tend to move the needle a lot more. However, setting up posts takes very little...
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    Personalization in Map Pack?

    Yep - what Yan said. IP addresses and personalization can both impact what you see.
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    'See outside' photo not representative of clients actual location

    Is the pin on the correct spot? Have you tried moving it?
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    GMB Categories Bug: Must Save Twice

    Good to know! I had someone mentioning this the other day (that they were having a hard time getting categories to save) so I'll bring it up.
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    New Dynamic BBB Logo

    I've had 2 clients get contacted in the last few weeks by the BBB because they're requiring them to use a new dynamic logo on their website. My one client asked us to completely remove the BBB logo from their website because they didn't like the fact that the new logo has a "click"...
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    Removing internal links on pages

    Awesome to hear the feedback. Colan is pretty super. :) Please PM me the links and the date you noticed the changes.
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    Client Buys retiring Competitor url

    I would do a thorough backlink check before you 301 it. If they had a manual penalty, it can pass to your site. Not very likely but still something I would check.
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    Removing internal links on pages

    I usually find internal links help as well. Do you have an example of a page you saw remove them?
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    Local Search Events

    Jeffrey, I'm speaking at Search Love in Boston in June. SMX East is also usually in the fall in NYC.
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    GMB Agency - accept manager invitation error

    Yes, if you're getting an email that's what they did. The other way (them adding your group ID) doesn't send an email, it just causes it to show up in your Manage Invites tab.
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    Local Search Events

    Reach out to Mike Blumenthal and he can give you all the details! If you don't have his email, PM me and I'll give it to you.
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    Local Search Events

    @Rich Owings - you should host one :cool: I want to host one in Toronto at some point.
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    GMB Agency - accept manager invitation error

    So they added your location group ID as a user and then you went into your manage invites section in the dashboard and when you clicked to accept, it gave you that message?
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    Attribution for GMB Website Clicks?

    Yep, that's how I would do it.
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    Attribution for GMB Website Clicks?

    I believe Greg Gifford mentioned recently that he tested this and found all mobile traffic from GMB was classified as Direct. All the more reason to use UTM codes like Yan suggested.
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    GMB Agency - accept manager invitation error

    Hey Terry, You can't have them add your email as a user anymore. You need to have them add the ID number for the location group you are putting the listing in.
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    Local Search Events

    Joshua, There will be another LocalU Advanced this September in Colorado (Denver area).
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    Local Search Events

    Joshua, I might be able to get you a discount. Which one are you thinking of going to?
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    Suspensions Triggered By Too Many Edits?

    I wanted to see if any of you have ever run into a case where adding too much to the listing in Google My Business at once triggers a suspension? Let's say you add UTM codes on the URL, add some attributes, a description & a services menu. Have you run into recent cases where changing too much...
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    Google Bug Removing Pages From Index

    Literally ran into this today. A new client emailed me about a page of theirs getting removed and I didn't even realize this bug was still existing. Resubmitting the page in Search Console instantly fixed it.
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    Local Search Events

    I'd go with either Mozcon or Pubcon. They tend to have a good variety of topics and I enjoy attending sessions that aren't always 100% tiered to local topics because I can usually still learn quite a bit.
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    Classic Client Problem - Not Keeping Up with Content

    If I was in your position, I'd shift to link building efforts. You can also look at updating older content that gets tons of traffic but is out-dated. This often takes WAY less time than writing a new piece.
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    Google Maps won't update

    I'd suggest you get in contact with Google My Business directly on social media. You can tweet to them at @googlemybiz or message them on Facebook at Google My Business. Usually they respond in 1-5 business days.
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    Google Reviews Monitoring

    GatherUp 100% :) I have a friend that works there and deals with agencies if you want an introduction.
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    Moved business, listing was suspended and reinstated but lost all reviews

    So you should definitely be able to get them back - I wouldn't stress. As far as why it's taking so long, I know the entire GMB team is extremely backlogged. Do you happen to have a case ID?
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    Massive Drops in Search Console for Sites Using UTM Codes in GMB

    Yeah it seems all over the place. I'm now actually seeing the UTM codes getting impressions again...but not as many as before.
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    Help pls - Same building, same brand, different companies - Google say no.

    Yeah I have found lots of instant merging when the sites are the same.
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    No Pindrop on Embed Link

    It's working fine for me. See screenshot below.
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    Google Images Ads back?

    Oooh I have never seen one for jewelry before but I know they're expanding to other industries.
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    Conversions From DuckDuckGo Are on the Rise

    Where does it pull the 3-pack listings from (what source)?
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    Google is not showing aggregate rating on SERP

    Vivek, Okay so what I'd suggest doing is: 1. Delete the service schema. I have found sometimes multiple schema types can cause the gold stars not to show. Wait a week or 2. 2. If after a week or 2, that doesn't work, change the HomeAndConstructionBusiness type to just regular Local...
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    Sourcing Movie Time Data on SERP

    Hey Cory, I believe it's this company that provides the data: Webedia Movies Pro | Source Entertainment Data I'd start there and see where it goes.
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    Nearby Now

    I tried it a couple years ago. Could not get clients (small business owners) to use it properly and found that the widgets for the site weren't easy to customize.
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    Google is not showing aggregate rating on SERP

    It's really hard to say without seeing the site. Can you list it? We had this issue with a provider we were using a couple years ago and since switching to GatherUp we haven't experienced it. We did have a couple clients lose their stars due to the schema type being depreciated and once we...
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    GMB - Getting a Question Removed

    Just to clarify, you're talking about Questions and Answers right? Not reviews on the listing?
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    No Pindrop on Embed Link

    Can you list the address that you're trying to do this for?
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    Multi Location: Home Page Competing with Location Page

    I would stick with their main keyword (the one that drives the most traffic) on the homepage and then target a longer-tailed keyword on the location page.