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    Location Extension Map Clicks

    Activity from them is tracked inside Google My Business (they get lumped into Insights even though it's from Ads). If you want to track calls separately, you can. See this screenshot to show how. When you start doing that, they will not show up in Google Ads as conversions but if you use call...
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    Maximum Number of Listings Issue

    Hey guys, This is a known issue. I've merged the threads so now there is just a single thread for this. I haven't heard back from Google yet on it.
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    Switched to business area and went so BAD!

    When it was unverified did it have an address marker on it (a map pin)? Or was it just showing a map with a radius and the name of the city?
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    The spammers are at it again with a lot of listings

    Yes, they keep it private. Google doesn't give away the name of the person who reports a spam listing.
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    6 year old GMB listing suspended!

    Both answers can be correct. Google is increasing the number of suspensions but there is also a possibility that the PPC agency is not familiar with guidelines for Google My Business. It's impossible to say without knowing the specifics which none of us here do.
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    Problems With GMB Suspension Appeals

    Thanks Sarah. I sent it to Google. In the meantime, I'd suggest I'd you get in contact with Google My Business directly on social media for the reinstatement since the form might not be working. You can tweet to them at @googlemybiz or message them on Facebook at Google My Business. Usually...
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    GMB Suspensions After Being Granted Access

    Yep, definitely. I have a section about this in my training that advises people not to make multiple edits to a listing's core information. Doing so can trigger a suspension. Space them out over several weeks.
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    Problems With GMB Suspension Appeals

    Hey Sarah, I was bringing this up to Google yesterday because I keep hearing this. They need Case IDs to help isolate the issue. Can you give me yours? It's usually a long number in the subject of the email.
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    Tool to scan reviews for fakes?

    The one I used to use for this is constantly not-working for me ( Yes, that's my hashtag but I have zero affiliation with that site lol.
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    Using Bold Page Title Okay or No No.

    Hey Guys, I have been testing this and will be publishing my findings but I would advise against it because unicode does not show on all device types. Someone actually tweeted to me because they saw the unicode and couldn't read it. Here is how it shows up on a Chromebook:
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    Maximum Number of Listings Issue

    There's never a good explanation for cases like this other than "something broke" lol
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    More map views than search views

    I wouldn't pay any attention to the views graph whatsoever. Are your actions graphs also showing the same trend? Views are basically like impressions and any time your listing shows up anywhere (such as a map pin on Google Maps), it triggers a "view". Searches and actions are the only 2...
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    Multi Location Schema

    In my opinion, location schema only has any value if you add a price range field with the review markup. Neither of those can show on the homepage so I would add schema for each city to the location pages (with review markup) and not have anything on the homepage.
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    Maximum Number of Listings Issue

    Hey @Cordell Crowley there is a form that you can submit this to that specifically goes to a team that is trained on issues relating to the agency dashboard. I'd contact GMB that way...
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    Anyone notice these factors on Google Local Search since the update?

    There are definitely some verticals that have less spam than months ago but I don't believe it has anything to do with the algo update. What industries are you monitoring?