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    Error with GMB Listings

    Hey Jelena, If you want to post a thread on the GMB forum, I can ask Google to take a look for you: Community forum - Google My Business Help Make sure you list a link to the listing but also a link to the exact URL you are trying to add to the website field. Once you post, paste the link to...
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    Local Search Ads - Lead Source Attribution

    The way we track these is by using a call tracking number that is hooked up to the Location Extension. I actually just talked about that this morning at Pubcon :)
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    Error with GMB Listings

    Is the page you were linking to in GMB just the location page that you see rank organically on the left for that search (the Port Charlotte page)?
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    Title / Heading Variations or Exact Match?

    It's better to have them closer together. I'd go with Massages in Miami | Yoga & Meditation (insert more words here) so that way Miami is beside both.
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    What to take for the service

    Pricing really varies based on the quality of work (who is doing it, how experienced they are) along with the services you would be offering.
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    How Would You Handle "2 Locations" For a Service Business?

    Hey Travis, Glad to hear from you! I would update the existing listing to list the home address. *Technically* you're supposed to clear the address inside GMB for a home based business as well but there might be some negative impacts on ranking when you do this (based on this thread)
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    Error with GMB Listings

    Are you able to list the link to the business listing on Google?
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    Products vs Services for Lawyers

    If you put UTM codes on the links you use for products, you can track it inside Google Analytics.
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    Backlinking to GMB Listing

    @resorts that sounds like a really interesting test. I'm not sure I'd be able to convince my clients to have their listings link to Google vs the website. I'm wondering if it could have a negative impact on their organic ranking if they lose possible links (*if* any of them are valuable)...
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    GMB listing numbers tanked

    I talk a bit about how fake listings rank in this video: How Does the Local Algorithm Work? - Whiteboard Friday It's been that way for years so I am not overly hopeful that it will change any time soon. You can read more about the Possum filter in point #2 here: Everything you need to know...
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    GMB Forum Notification: Failed to post. Content violates Community Policy.

    @CrystalH she said to try your post again. Hopefully it's fixed.
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    GMB listing numbers tanked

    Yep - I believe Ian is correct here. I am seeing another practice at the same building ranking when I searched "chiropractor" from their zip code. I'm also seeing that there are some fake listings outranking him as well.
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    Apple Maps Traffic in Google Analytics

    No, I mean an actual URL on the business website that looks like the real location page. I don't think they would accept a bitly.
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    Does GMB Secondary Phone Number Show Up Anywhere?

    Nope, it doesn't show anywhere.
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    GMB listing numbers tanked

    Hey @rhull how do his actions numbers look in GMB Insights? Personally, I wouldn't stress whatsoever about view drops. Did he have a Google Ads account that he recently stopped or decreased budget on?