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    Contact via Facebook

    I haven't tried, but am curious to see if it works!
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    GMB Bulk: Do image URLs hotlink or are they hosted by Google?

    When doing a bulk upload spreadsheet and including image/logo URLs, will those image URLs always need to stay the same in the future? Or, is Google simply going to the image file one time, downloading it, and then hosting it? IOW, I'm trying to figure out what happens if an image URL would...
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    Claiming Facebook with a phone call

    When did Facebook ask for more info? In the pop-up box immediately after entering the PIN or by support in a follow-up private message?
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    Tool Request: Ability to tell me all categories that a Google Maps listing has

    Is there a tool where you can select a business location in Google Maps and have it quickly/easily show the categories that are associated with the listing? Note: This would be for listings that are either unclaimed or claimed by a competitor (or someone else).
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    GMB Shortname - naming conventions

    I think it's the same, but I'm advocating for using dashes :) Using caps to differentiate is going to be just as tricky to a customer to type into their phone as a dash is :)
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    GMB Shortname - naming conventions

    As far as dashes versus none are concerned: How many times are you actually going to be saying the URL outloud to a customer? It's likely most beneficial for email signatures, linking to from your website footer, listing on other directories, etc. Most people probably don't understand that...
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    GrubHub is buying web domains for the restaurants it lists

    A web developer friend just sent this to me: GrubHub is buying web domains for the restaurants it lists (updated)
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    Any experience with "Goodzer"?

    It's a free "directory" (not a traditional one, but it feeds data to and others). Yes, Here's what it looks like once you claim a listing. You basically pick from a menu of services, and then can add your own descriptions. There's also a basic listing editor: Note that...