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    GMB Bulk Upload Not Working

    @JoyHawkins Now I'm being told by support that they don't do bulk verifications if the business names are different (if it's not a "chain" - their word). The corporation has a headquarters, plus 13 subsidiaries (most of them have multiple locations each) - totaling 41 locations. Almost all of...
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    When did Google My Business start using MSA metro for service areas?

    This is really helpful, because I had been adding counties. When you add cities (ex. suburbs), Google interprets the city boundaries as literally the service area. The city boundaries aren't always perfectly adjacent.
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    GMB Bulk Upload Not Working

    Here's what GMB support just DM'd me on Twitter: "After taking a look into your case and the video provided, I can see that our specialist advised to add the listings manually before requesting bulk verification, which is correct. You can find the information in the following link...
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    GMB Bulk Upload Not Working

    I'm still getting that exact same issue! Email support has been horrendous (they don't know what they're doing and keep repeating the same questions to me). I've DM'd them again on Twitter. We'll see what happens.
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    GMB Bulk Upload Not Working

    @DrewShady To find the email address of another user attached to a listing in Google My Business, open up the listing, click "Users" in the left-hand sidebar menu, and then hover your mouse over the name of one of the users. A tooltip pop-up will appear with the email address.
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    GMB Bulk Upload Not Working

    @DrewShady I love David Mihm's podcast FoundBytes!
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    GMB Bulk Upload Not Working

    @DrewShady I finally heard back from support via email. They wanted to know which email address was associated with the Google account... this is going to be a long process 🤦‍♂️
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    What backlink work for a client paying $500 and $1000 a month?

    @seoisgreat You could refer to @Phil Rozek's excellent local link building questionnaire.
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    GMB Bulk Upload Not Working

    Hi @DrewShady, I tried again this week and it didn't work. GMB still hasn't replied to a support email/ticket (they said they would reply in 1 business day, but it's been over 2 weeks). I finally DM'd @GoogleMyBiz on Twitter and yesterday, they said they have "escalated this to our verification...
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    Apple Maps Traffic in Google Analytics

    Whoa, that's really clever @j_holtslander! I'm surprised Apple hasn't dinged it for being a redirected URL.
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    Flagging Invalid Events on Your GMB Listing

    This is really helpful! Thanks so much for sharing @krystaltaing
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    GMB Bulk Upload Not Working

    I've filled out the bulk import spreadsheet, but I keep getting this error message (even when I wait several days to upload the file)... I've tried multiple times on different days and it still keeps happening. I've contacted support by email and they haven't replied. There are no other...
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    Google Now Shows Short Names on About Tab

    I'm still nervous about using short names after the debacle several months ago. Has that issue been completely fixed?
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    What are the 12 Core Citations Every Business Needs in 2019?

    @lancemoore22 I've found it easiest to use the "Classic" version. To do so (once you log in), click on this button in the top right-hand corner:
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    Tracking down the source of a Google involuntary category change

    I've occasionally seen this with hotels. This is happening for the "Attributes" section of a restaurant client. "Catering" keeps getting removed, even though they do it and it's mentioned on their website!