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    Optimizing GMB questions please

    It would be better if you create unique content for your Google Post. You can check this guideline from Google Get the most out of your posts - Knowledge Panel Help
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    Chat software recommendations?

    Hi Scott - We are using LiveChat, you can integrate it with Google Analytics. See features here LiveChat Features | LiveChat
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    Google Maps: Address Searches Producing "At This Location" Bar

    I like to know also from the expert here their answer to your question. I checked it last week and I saw the difference between those 2 searches. But checking today looks like "8401 Picardy Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70809, USA" do not display "at this location" too.
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    GMB Listings Stuck in Pending

    Have you tried contacting support? You can fill up this form Google My Business Help
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    Claiming Facebook with a phone call

    Did FB give you an option to verify it via an e-mail (domain email) otherwise a document-verification process is another option? I think it is a security feature to avoid anyone from claiming businesses that they really don't own.
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    How do you deal with

    I think the process was not properly relaid to us. The campaign had a complete status with that dupe still live. I think the response to us when we contacted support is that they can't delete it as it was submitted by another third-party site. That is why we got a refund for it. Thanks for...
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    Accurate Local Listing Scan

    Maybe try the 7 dollar audit by Loganix
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    How do you deal with

    We still received their response for several of our project but most of them, they point us to use YEXT. Some took months and patience before they approved the request.
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    Accurate Local Listing Scan

    The best tools are: BrightLocal Whitespark PlacesScout If they can't deliver the results you wanted, maybe you can try a manual audit?
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    Google suspension cause

    Been using the "Suggest Edit" option and regularly reporting our client's competitors that are using fake names and fake information. So far my account is still working.
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    How do you deal with

    Nice to hear it worked for you. I also tried it before but they never have seen my message.
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    FB message for Customer service

    I have the same problem with too. And looks like this might be the solution. Thanks!
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    Brightlocal Dashboard Alternative?

    Try PlacesScout. It does support business in Spain but haven't compared them to BrightLocal
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    How do you deal with

    Yes, that is one of our hints. Unfortunately, the business does not have a listing in Acxiom so it is out of the puzzle. Does MozLocal include or it is also via Acxiom? BrightLocal is cheap but had a bad experience in the past when I ordered their Aggregator service. Instead of...
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    Duplicate content penalty for using the same GMB posts?

    I don't think there is a penalty for dupe content in GMB post. Check here Posts content policy - Google My Business Help