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    Places Scount Review - The Swiss Army Knife for Local Search

    I realize this thread is a bit old now but wanted to add- I am finally getting a chance to check out this tool and several other similar ones. Still too new to most of them to comment on functionality (however what I have seen with PS seems great), BUT the customer service has been amazing- I...
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    Images in the Local SERPs - 2 More New Google Local Displays Being Tested

    I am not seeing organic results (when there are no reviews) in the knowledge panel - local finder any longer- wondering if anyone else is. I used the same example above for assisted living twin cities. I do see images still however...
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    New Google Local 3 Pack Shake-Up: Definitive Overview - All You Need to Know

    "OR maybe once they are ready to charge, then they’ll add phone# and it will be pay per click or call." Hope not, but I bet you are right! Great info and interview Linda! Thx for sharing.
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    Consultants: Have you Tried PEEK for your Local Search Clients Yet?

    This is great! We just launched a new site so I am definitely going to submit it. Great find! Thank you!
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    RIP Google+ Local Search - More Changes

    hmmm... not really working for me like that :/ It may need me to look again tomorrow, my brain is not working so well right now- I'm all in a tizzy about the locations tab being axed. When I search the way suggested I get several locations- all in the same city- but hard to tell which is...
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    RIP Google+ Local Search - More Changes

    Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live The dupes issue is a big deal but I'm also having a particularly problem with this in the multi- location aspect. We can't use descriptors ie: business name - cross streets -so now when I pull up business name and city, I am not even sure what I am...
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    RIP Google+ Local Search - More Changes

    Re: Google + "Collections" feature now live Say What??? Late to the party on this announcement- and actually thought I understood incorrectly as to what was being removed. When I looked on my G+ tab, it was still there- until I clicked on it. Honestly, this is almost more upsetting to me...
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    I Want to Know your Biggest Local Search Questions

    I would love to get some clarity on using json-ld vs microdata- specifically for the nap. Is one preferred over the other, can you have both? I have heard so many different answers. I prefer microdata as it is what I am used to- don't fix whats not broken, but seems developers are leaning...
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    Google to Shutter CLASSIC Maps Soon - New Maps will be our Only Option

    Any reason for a party works for me however this feels more like a wake sort of occasion:/ Oh well- " thar she blows" .