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    I swear, GMB phone reps are gaming their automated feedback system

    I have had the same thing happen on numerous occasions. When the call is successful/resolved, I'm sent to leave a review. But if there are other steps required or I am not satisfied with the call, no review option.
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    New Ownership: Joy Hawkins' Company Sterling Sky, Inc. Has Acquired the Forum

    Re: New Ownership: Joy Hawkins’ Company Sterling Sky, Inc. Has Acquired the Forum Linda, you have been incredibly helpful and beyond generous with your time, assistance, and support for myself and other members on and outside this forum. It is a tremendous resource for those in this industry...
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    Bad Reviews, thinking of closing GMB profile

    I agree with Linda. Actively pursuing happy customer reviews is something on most businesses' radar these days. We work with a company in the service industry who had an average 3.0 rating on their main GMB listing. They also had angry people (who weren't even customers) leaving negative reviews...
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    Forum moderator question - not sure where to begin

    Thanks Linda! I'll reach out to David. Kristen
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    Forum moderator question - not sure where to begin

    Hi Linda, Thank you so much for your quick response and feedback. I know my client already has someone in mind for supporting the forum, but I'll definitely keep your recommendation for David mind! Kristen
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    Forum moderator question - not sure where to begin

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but I'm wondering if anyone has experience hiring a forum moderator. Not just to organize and monitor discussions, but to answer questions and support customers on your behalf. What I'm wondering is, are these people paid by the...
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    Need Your CRM Recommendations

    Hi Joy, I'm not sure if it ticks all your boxes, but we have a client who uses Infusionsoft as their CRM. It's a very robust system they mainly use for marketing, but it can do much more than that. The best benefit of Infusionsoft in my opinion is the campaign/lead nurturing capabilities and...
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    Warning! Your site has been infected with malware...

    Also, once a site has been cleaned, be sure to contact major security services so they update the website's rating accordingly: to ensure it doesn't stay blacklisted. You'll need to notify Google and possibly McAfee, Norton and others as well.
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    Second location cause 1st location to disappear temporarily

    Also, just a heads up. If you do move the location pin, double check that your street number is still in place. I did this one of our clients' listings recently and the street number completely disappeared from the address. I then added it back in and all was good.
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    Is this a merged Google Business page?

    Hi James, Thank you again for the insight. That's a good tip to use a forwarding URL. I did see a number of tools people in the community have created to grab the URL, is there one in particular you used to find that URL? Thanks, Kristen
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    Is this a merged Google Business page?

    Hi Linda, Yes, I think it was the tabs that were confusing me. All these changes are making me question everything now. But now that you mention it, I do recall that there is a difference with the reviews tab. They are the same URLS, but one had the b in it and I thought that was always an...
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    Is this a merged Google Business page?

    Thanks for the insight and feedback Linda and James. Good catch James - I'm not sure why the service area was so large, perhaps the client logged in at some point and changed that. It is now set back to 20 miles. I'm afraid I did accidentally post the same URL twice. 1) Here is the URL I...
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    Is this a merged Google Business page?

    Apparently, I missed the update where Google My Business pages look different when you are logged into an account, vs. when you are logged out. I've never seen this issue before. URL 1) We have what appears to be a busienss page here (based on the /b/ : This one has 4 reviews, but only if you...
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    How to specify hours for a SAB w/24x7 service

    Hi Colan, Thanks for your reply. This is a heating and cooling company who offers emergency service, so if a customer had an emergency outside of the 7-7 hours, then yes they would meet them in-person at their home. Kristen