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    Correct Schema category

    Thanks Rich. (y)
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    Correct Schema category

    Thanks, Rich, I have read the article, I can use the Business type: Store, and add Hot Tub using But I don't know how to also add "Awnings". It gets a little more confusing for me because the business also provides service, Installation, service, and repairs to both hot...
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    Correct Schema category

    I am setting up the local business schema for a small business that deals with Hot Tubs And Awnings. Sales, service, and repairs. of Hot tubs is their main business. They also sell, install and service, widow and porch awnings. T cannot find a related business type in the Local Business...
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    Merge or remove a business?

    Success! I contacted Google Support via this link. Google returned my call almost immediately. I only had to wait 2 minutes and was connected with a very helpful support representative who had me mark the old business as closed and then had me remove the listing from my GMB Dashboard. He then...
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    Merge or remove a business?

    Thanks for your advice Colan. Much appreciated.
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    Merge or remove a business?

    I need some advice on how to merge two businesses or have an old listing removed. My client is a dentist located in Ajax, Ontario. I am trying to get them to rank in the local map pack results. Their listing is claimed and I am listed as the Primary Owner. They purchased the dental practice...
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    A New Look and New Software for the Local Search Forum

    I love it. Very light and clean.
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    JSON Schema

    Thank you Eric, I will install it into the header of my theme. The Google tag manager seems a little bit complicated for me. I work on clients sites, mostly on my local machine i development mode.
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    JSON Schema

    On which pages should the JSON-LD code be installed. I have my NAP and business hours in the html in a footer widget which appears on every page, and the JSON-LD code with NAP and business hours on the main page only. Should the JSON-LD code be on every page?
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    Home Inspection Business - Should address be shown?

    I have a client who operates a home inspection business. His Google + Listing has the check beside "I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location" It has a 50km radius set. He has 2 reviews. When I google for "home inspector" he does not show in the 3 pack, you have to click...
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    Shady Company Holds Google Place Page Hostage - Hear Transcript

    How about domain name hijacking.? I have had clients come to me for website help, without even knowing that they do not own thier domain name. Their for web designer register their domain name in their own name, and then hold for ransom when the client tries to leave. Completely unethical and...
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    Save your Place Page Warning Invades Canada Now?

    I am in Canada, and 3 of the 4 Google + pages I manage had the warning. I just hit the submit button. The Google + page that did not have the warning was only created 1 month ago, and was only verified 2 weeks ago. Thanks for the heads up :-)
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    GUIDELINE CHANGE - City or Keyword in Places Title Allowed Now

    Where can I make this change? In Google Places? Do I change Google + also?
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    Anyone submitting to Nokia Maps?

    I have been trying to get a client listed for months now. I have requested the card be resent twice now. It finally arrived yesterday. when I login to HERE PrimePlaces to try to verify for the client, the page says they are closed for improvements, but the url says noLongerSupported Not sure...
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    Yellow Pages Call Tracking

    Thanks for taking the time to look into this Darren. I also appreciate your suggestions. Thank you very much.