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    Car dealer with two dealership almost next to each other

    Agree with @djbaxter Because they're selling different brands of cars, and are likely to brand the two dealership slightly differently, you should be able to treat them as two businesses with two lisitngs. One of the big factors is each business has a separate entrance, apart from phone and...
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    I have used parts of this service while it was in beta. Really good tool.
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    Keyword Research Tool

    Hey @ntaylor360 Will give it a go. What features are you looking at adding to it down the line?
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    Removing Facebook company pages - a little help?

    Merging is still your best bet. FB are terrible with pages. They aren't serious about local accurate data, just lots of it to sell... ;-)
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    Conflicts of interest for agency focusing on projects (and not on monthly clients)

    Really appreciate the input from you @Phil Rozek . I too have historically done one-time projects but finding a growing desire for ongoing monthly services. Maps spam may have something to do with that ;-) I haven't found it difficult to juggle a perceived conflict of interest. If I have a...
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    Acxiom's Directory will close at the end of the year

    Can't say I'm heartbroken about this. TY for sharing - good to know.