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    GMB Page not showing for keyword search

    Hi, I have a client whose GMB page does not show for a non-competitive term: "Lancaster, CA personal injury attorney" - I know PI is competitive, but this is a small market. This is the GMB Page: Any tips on how to get it to appear in maps...
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    GMB Verification Issues

    Hi, I'm working with that listing. In early May, I made an address change which required re-verification via postcard. I got the postcard on May 17, entered the code, and something went wrong (not sure what), and the system kicked me...
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    How Much Does Keyword Stuffing Impact Ranking?

    Hi, I see the same thing on both: #1 in Organic, and #2 in Local.
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    How Much Does Keyword Stuffing Impact Ranking?

    I see the same thing. Just to clarify, I did the search on Google Chrome Incognito. I'm in California - which may or may not matter.
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    How Much Does Keyword Stuffing Impact Ranking?

    Hi Joy, For the KW: "dentist leesburg VA", I'm seeing her in the #1 posting for organic and #2 for local. I attached a screenshot.
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    Drop in Local - Feedback is appreciated

    Hi, I have a client who has recently dropped in local: (full-disclosure: he's still in the local pack, but significantly lower). In all fairness, the KW's I'm targeting are related to "Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney" - despite his office being in Pasadena, CA...
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    Google Local Results Gone?

    I'm seeing NO local pack for terms like "Los Angeles criminal defense attorney" and "Los Angeles criminal lawyer".
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    Service area for attorney question

    Hi, One of my clients is a lawyer in Los Angeles. Should I click the "I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location" check box for his location? Lawyers in a city like Los Angeles will have an LA office, but drive to courts throughout LA County. Has anyone had experience...
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    Adding description to business name

    I knew I saw that before, but just couldn't remember where. Thanks again Linda for your help!
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    Adding description to business name

    Hi, Has anyone tried adding a description to the business name to see if it helps with Local rankings? For example, assume the name of the criminal defense firm is "Simon Law Firm". You then change the name on your Google + page to "Simon Law Firm Criminal Defense Attorneys". I have seen an...
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    How to add business to Bloglines Local...

    Does anyone know? Is the info simply pulled from Merchant Circle? Thanks.
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    Local SEO - Why is this ranking so high?

    Hi Linda, That's what is weird about it. He doesn't rank on the first page organically. But he ranks on the A spot for Local. That's why I find it so weird. ---------- Post Merged at 02:28 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 02:23 PM ---------- His Google + page also has 265,000 views...
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    Local SEO - Why is this ranking so high?

    Just wondering if anyone could give me feedback on why this listing is ranking in position A. Besides the amount of reviews, any other insight why this one shot to the A position? The site is: losangelescriminallawyer DOT pro {Linda removed live anchor text link} And here's a screenshot of...
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    Ranking 2nd office...

    Yes, it's new(ish). Is that the issue? Too soon? Thanks for the feedback.
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    Ranking 2nd office...

    Hi, For this page: Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney - Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney | Criminal Lawyer - it ranks well for "Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyer" - first page. But the Google Local is on the 5th page. Not good. The problem is that the footer has the schema for the...