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    New Services Options in the Google My Business Dashboard

    I'm seeing this for a dermatologist brand across all their locations and their practitioner listings. Seems from this update you can only add services under their business categories whereas before it was unrelated to their business categories.
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    Best / cheapest provider to set up multiple phone numbers

    Hi guys, Quick question I'm hoping somebody might be able to help with. I have a new medical client in the US who is going to start listing their departments and practitioners separately on GMB. All of a sudden they want to add 250+ unique new phone numbers. Has anybody done anything similar...
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    Google Posts for 3,000 client locations+

    Thanks @JoyHawkins @whitespark @shripadd - I'll pass this on!
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    Google Posts for 3,000 client locations+

    Hi guys, I was hoping someone could help me, I have a client who is an agency and has 3k+ client locations (separate clients rather than multi location) that are looking for a tool to help them schedule and automate Google Posts. I know there's a few tools out there, just wanted to know if...
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    Best Value Local SEO Platform? Brightlocal? Mox? Yext? Whitespark? Tribelocal?

    Hi @Consultant, Matt here from BrightLocal - yikes sorry to hear about the issue with your CitationTracker report, that sounds very frustrating. If there's that many listings missing it sounds like a bug or an issue with the report settings - I'm keen to dig into this for you. Please could you...