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    Hard Suspension but Showing as "Published"

    @premiumweb Yep. In my case, all of the listings that had hard suspensions from this bug were still showing as "Published" within the GMB dashboard so the only way to see they were actually suspended was by trying to view them on search and maps.
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    After a GMB suspension, do rankings usually return?

    I had a few listings get hard suspensions and then reinstated a few days later from the short names bug last week and their rankings bounced right back as well.
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    Hard Suspension but Showing as "Published"

    @codyecp Yes, I am using call tracking on my listings as well but I didn't make any changes to the phone numbers to get them reinstated I just slightly tweaked the short names. @Nikki Stine Fascinating! Thanks for the update. Well, at least we seem to have a temporary workaround for other...
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    Hard Suspension but Showing as "Published"

    Hi @Nikki Stine, for each of the listings in the GMB Info sections when I clicked "View on Search" the Business Profile/knowledge panel didn't show in the Google Search and when I clicked "View on Maps" there was no business shown on Maps. Yeah, like with your previous client soft suspensions...
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    Hard Suspension but Showing as "Published"

    Hey Colan, thanks! Yeah, makes sense that it is probably a bug. I'll wait to hear back from GMB support then. In the meantime, it appears the reinstatement form probably won't help much.
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    Hard Suspension but Showing as "Published"

    So I started submitting reinstatement requests for those suspended locations but got the "Page already live" email auto response a few minutes later. They may show they are published in the dashboard but are definitely hard suspended on Maps.
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    Hard Suspension but Showing as "Published"

    Some of the locations I manage from a chain on GMB just got hard suspensions (for unknown reasons) but within the GMB dashboard, each of these locations are still showing the status of "Published" like the other locations that are live. Is this a bug? Has anyone else seen this?
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    New 3-Pack Format With a Green Pin?

    Like, @Scott Rawlins, I am not seeing ABCD but I am seeing the green pin for the 3-pack ad in several markets like this one below.
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    Fans Spamming NFL Stadium Listing in Los Angeles

    The new NFL stadium being built for the Rams and Chargers in Inglewood, CA already has 155 Google reviews but it's not slated to open until the summer of 2020. Looks like some NFL fans are entertaining themselves by spamming the listing long before it opens. Here are some examples:
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    What Business Categories Are Available for Reserve With Google?

    @nwinezog Back in December Mike Blumenthal did a helpful list of which categories and services are currently supported and which are not supported for Reserve with Google. Reserve With Google - Which Categories & Services Are Eligible?
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    What Are the Best Examples You've Seen of Terrible Owner Responses to Reviews?

    This owner has some "Unbarlievably" bad responses lol.
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    Will Top Storage Citation Sources Cause NAP Issues?

    Yeah, they are pay to play because they're basically lead gen websites where you pay to be listed and pay for reservations they get for you. So that's why they require you to use one of their tracking numbers that forwards to their call centers, etc. But yeah, I thought it was weird that...
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    Will Top Storage Citation Sources Cause NAP Issues?

    Hey, and
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    Will Top Storage Citation Sources Cause NAP Issues?

    Great points and good example. Thanks for your help, James!