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    *HELP* What to do when current owner denies transfer request.

    Hey, Not sure if it's changed, but in my experience Google gives an option to override the denial by using a standard verification method. When this last happened in November, I received the following message, and was able to click Appeal Now to access the verification methods
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    GMB - New 'Admin Rights' Procedure?

    Has anyone had any success with the new process? A different account to what I had been working with before, but I managed to get the "Request Access" button to appear. However, when you click on the button, it acts like it's taking you to another page, and then just redirects you back to the...
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    Get GMB Ownership w/o Current Owner

    Along with a domain email, I've found that using the email with the verified analytics/webmasters tools account will almost always do the same thing. As for the original question, you do have to be proactive in requesting access. When you sent the request, you should have received an email with...
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    GMB - New 'Admin Rights' Procedure?

    Hey Abi, I just barely ran into this and the first thing I did was come here to post, but I'm glad it's not just me. It's hard to believe that this is the official recommendation when creating a duplicate listing that way in the past had always led to suspension of the listing. But with how...
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    Reviews not showing up in GMB Dashboard

    Hey, It looks like the page you have access to is just a G+ Brand page. The G+/GMB page that's connected to maps and has the reviews is here: I used the google search " Market Trader Institute" (no quotes) to find this page.
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    GMB Description Field Changes

    No More Descriptions in GMB? Long time no post! Is anyone else no longer given the option to have a description in GMB? All accounts that I've checked no longer show a description option in either the main GMB dashboard edit or the bulk/list editing page. From what I can tell, descriptions...
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    Google Local GMB Update Causing Major Confusion Especially for Consultants

    I'm afraid it may not be as simple as switching the view, unfortunately :/ I've got a listing that we first created before the change, and now it only gives me the limited GMBL editing, even in card view! As a test, I tried creating a new one, and now this is what I get in the card view...
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    Are free Yahoo listings dead?

    First off, long time no see! I've still been going through the arduous process of Yahoo's free listing claiming, but this morning, I've noticed that they seem to have removed that option completely: It only gives me the Yext Yahoo Localworks...
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    Google+ Local Optimization Tips/Tricks To Improve Ranking

    @Adam, I haven't read through the whole thread, but I'd be wary about following the advice on this one. All previous posts are from a year and 3 months ago, which is a lifetime when it comes to Google (For some perspective, these are from before the New Dashboard was even announced, and there...
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    Yahoo verification process is broken

    Yeah, that's been working for us as well Last I checked, basic verified listings stay under review for ~30 business days, so that will likely not happen any time soon.
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    Yahoo verification process is broken

    We've been running into all this stuff for the past few weeks as well. Yahoo support is only possible for paid listings at this point, so there's not much we could do. If you're still having problems sending out PINs, try going back to the dashboard and hitting Submit on the profile again, that...
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    Anyone else see the new Maps feature??

    Check it out! How do you think this will affect business owners?? Have a good day! :D
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    Warning Email re Google Places Duplicate Listings

    Re: "Google Places no longer accommodates more than one authorized owner..." We've recently got one very similar to what you guys are getting, with a major twist being that there's only one listing in our dashboard, and it's marked now as unverified and as a duplicate of another (Again...
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    Can't Submit PIN in Google Places, Box Grayed Out

    I just checked again and it looks like Google has fixed it! It's no longer grayed out and we can enter PINs in again. Yay! Thanks for your comments, guys, and thanks for escalating it to Google, Linda! That seemed to do the trick
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    Can't Submit PIN in Google Places, Box Grayed Out

    Alright, I just created a listing to test it out. I set up a brand new "Test Listing" in the places dashboard no more than 5 minutes ago, and there is already a G+ Page set up for it: